‪Yel Suyi Relics‬ ‪under Restoration‬

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‪A team of local restores has started working on relics, which have‬

‪so far been excavated from a ruined fortress in Yel Suyi, northwest-‬

‪ern Ardebil province. The relics that are in both metal and earthen‬

‪forms will go on display at an archaeology museum after being‬

‪rehabilitated, Karim Lotfi, a provincial tourism official, said on Tues-‬

‪day, CHTN reported. “Restoration processes are being carried out‬

‪in accordance with the defined principles and instructions…. And‬

‪up to the moment, work on 80 objects has been completed.” Last‬

‪month, an Iron Age tomb was unearthed in Yel Suyi during a survey‬

‪aimed to probe history of the ancient site.Located in Germi county,‬

‪Yel Suyi is mostly associated with the early Islamic era.‬

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