‪Borj Findings‬

TOURISM - - پرسه -

A‪team of Iranian archaeologists‬ ‪has commenced an in-depth‬ ‪systematic analysis on Tappeh‬

‪Borj, an archaeological site in northeast‬

‪of the country. Tens of experts of various‬

‪historical periods are contributing to the‬

‪survey which embraces the Neolithic, the‬

‪Chalcolithic, the Bronze Age, prehistoric‬

‪and Islamic eras as well, ILNA reported.‬

‪The survey covers some 13 ha of land‬

‪and findings it had yielded before, the‬

‪report added. It is the initial stage of a‬

‪long-term project being pursued [and car-‬

‪ried out] by the University of Neyshabur‬

‪under close supervision of the Research‬

‪Center for Iranian Cultural Heritage‬

‪Handicrafts. Back in November, a human‬

‪skeleton, which dates from some 5,500‬

‪years ago, was put on show at a mu-‬

‪seum of archaeology in Neyshabur. The‬

‪skeleton was unearthed in 2004 while‬

‪archaeologists were digging a trench in‬

‪Tappeh Borj.‬

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