‪Iran Falling Short’‬ ‪‘of 5,300 Rangers‬

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‪Iran is facing shortage of 5,300 rangers, as there should be‬

‪8,500 rangers protecting the country’s natural resources and‬

‪environment, however, there are 3,200 rangers working in the‬

‪country. Making the above announcement, Jamshid Mohabbat‬

‪Khani, head of the Department of Environment’s protection unit,‬

‪said out of 600 ranger stations nationwide 100 are vacant as‬

‪there are no guardian of the wilderness to safeguard the area‬

‪due to squeeze of workforce. Some 200 of ranger stations are‬

‪also up and running with only one ranger, he added, IRNA news‬

‪agency reported.‬

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