Wick­low land prices jumped 17% in 2017

Bray People - - NEWS - By DEBORAH COLE­MAN

AGRI­CUL­TURAL land prices in County Wick­low jumped by 17 per cent in 2017, rep­re­sent­ing an in­crease from €10,140/acre in 2016 to €12,060/acre last year.

Ac­cord­ing to new fig­ures pub­lished in the an­nual Ir­ish Farm­ers Jour­nal Agri­cul­tural Land Price Re­port, this fol­lows a pre­vi­ous jump of 19 per cent in 2016.

Co Wick­low, known for its rich agri­cul­tural land and rolling hills, of­fered the sec­ond high­est num­ber of acres for sale last year, with 6,893 com­ing to the mar­ket. This is sec­ond only to Cork, which had 7,134 acres.

The county also of­fered the big­gest es­tate of land for sale – Lug­gala, which stands on 5,000 acres and is guided at €28 mil­lion.

Ac­cord­ing to the re­port, which was com­piled by An­thony Jor­dan, the av­er­age price paid for land across the 26 counties in the Re­pub­lic of Ire­land in 2017 was €9,088/acre.

This is an in­crease of 3.61 per cent on the 2016 fig­ures, which stood at €8,771/acre.

It is the first time since 2014 that the av­er­age price per acre has risen over €9,000/acre. The im­prov­ing prices can be seen around the coun­try with 19 counties show­ing an in­crease in land prices in 2017. Seven of these counties, in­clud­ing Wick­low, saw a price rise of over ten per cent, with Laois ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the high­est jump of 22.1 per cent.

Just seven counties saw a drop in av­er­age val­ues, with Water­ford, Mon­aghan, Done­gal and Kilkenny see­ing drops of over ten per cent.

The in­flu­ence of com­mod­ity price volatil­ity was plain to see in 2017.

The re­port doc­u­mented a bumper year for dairy farm­ers was coun­ter­acted by an­other poor year for grain.

‘Beef and sheep farm­ers had a bet­ter year than in 2016 but were largely un­able to com­pete with the dairy drive. It was just over 12 months ago when the milk price was on the floor and con­fi­dence was right there with it. What a dif­fer­ence a year makes and there is lit­tle doubt that land prices have sig­nif­i­cantly ben­e­fit­ted from this re­newed dairy vigour,’ said Mr Jor­dan.

The sup­ply of land of­fered to the mar­ket in 2017 to­talled 78,350 acres, up 6.2 per cent on 2016 when 73,778 acres were of­fered.

‘While the sup­ply in­creased in a gen­eral sense, one of the most fre­quent ob­ser­va­tions from across Ire­land last year was the scarcity of land. Our anal­y­sis shows 13 counties in the Re­pub­lic of Ire­land had a sup­ply re­duc­tion in 2017 with a very no­tice­able re­duc­tion in the bor­der counties with Done­gal, Mon­aghan, Ca­van and Louth all see­ing less land on the mar­ket, which may well be a di­rect im­pact of Brexit amid the un­cer­tainty around cross-bor­der trade,’ he said.

‘Fur­ther­more, just 47 per cent of the prop­er­ties of­fered for sale at auc­tion were sold un­der the ham­mer with both auc­tion­eers and sell­ing agents claim­ing this is partly due to (1) the rel­a­tively short time­frame in the auc­tion room that al­lows buy­ers to get their fi­nances in or­der and (2) Some sellers had un­re­al­is­tic ex­pec­ta­tions and were hold­ing out for more than €10,000 an acre mak­ing tar­gets un­vi­able and prop­er­ties be­ing ei­ther with­drawn or re­main­ing on the mar­ket,’ Mr Jor­dan added.

CAT­TLE RE­PORT–WED­NES­DAY MARCH 7: A spe­cial spring sale with a very brisk trade all round. Prices driven by farmer de­mand, re­sult­ing in a com­plete clear­ance. Heav­ier con­ti­nen­tal bul­locks mak­ing up to €2.40 per KG, with a Limousin bul­lock weighing 615 KG sell­ing for €1450. Lively trade for all types of store cat­tle. These an­i­mals mak­ing up to €2.70 per KG.

Charo­lais Bul­lock, 610 KG made €1,400; Here­ford Bul­lock , 560 KG made €1,270; Limousin Bul­lock, 525 KG made €1,240; An­gus Bul­lock, 560 KG made €1,210; Sim­men­tal Bul­lock, 505 KG made €1,210; Sim­men­tal Bul­lock, 395 KG made €1,130; Charo­lais Bul­lock, 392 KG made €1,040; Limousin Heifer, 392 KG made €990.

SHEEP RE­PORT–SATUR­DAY MARCH 10: Big­ger num­bers on of­fer this week af­ter the bad weather. This re­sulted in a com­plete clear­ance of all stock. All sorts of hog­gots mak­ing up to €2.50 per KG and sell­ing with strong de­mand. Heav­ier ewes were mak­ing up to €1.70 per KG, this was driven by fac­tory buy­ers.

Heav­ier Hoggets: 50.5kg made– €116; 50kg made–€120 ; 47kg made–€119; 45kg made–€118; 40kg made–€106.

Stores: 26kg made–€67; 30kg made–€77; 33kg made–€88; 34kg made–€87; 38kg made–€100.

SHEEP RE­PORT - TUES­DAY MARCH 6: Large sale to­day with prices fully main­tained on last Tues­day with the heavy hoggets im­proved by an­other €2 to €3.

Hoggets over 50kg sell­ing in the re­gion from €130 up to €141 with the ma­jor­ity from €134 to €138. Fleshed hoggets over 45kg meet­ing a good hon­est de­mand sell­ing in the re­gion from €116 up to €130 with the ma­jor­ity from €120 to €126. Store hoggets from a base of €78 up­wards with the ma­jor­ity of those 38kg to 42kg hoggets sell­ing from €90 up to €102 with some ewe hoggets push­ing out over €110.

Very lively trade for the younger cast ewes from €20 to €25 with the kg with some of the older feed­ing type ewes sell­ing from €15 with the kg while we saw the heavy ewes to­day im­prove by €4 or €5 and sell­ing up to a tops of €139 to­day.

Ewes with lambs at foot aged ewes with sin­gle lambs from €150 per unit up to €180 for younger ewes with sin­gles while young ewes with twin lambs at foot up to a tops of €220.

So over­all a full lively trade and to re­mind every­one we have 50 in lamb ewes next Tues­day in con­junc­tion with the sheep sale.

CAT­TLE RE­PORT - FRI­DAY MARCH 9: Spring trade was def­i­nitely no­ticed to­day with prices fully main­tained on a fort­night ago while store and beef cat­tle im­proved in trade by €30 to €40 even up to €70 per head for the qual­ity lots on pre­vi­ous weeks.

Beef and for­ward bul­locks sold very briskly sell­ing from a trade €1.90 per kg for the FR types with AA, HE and Con­ti­nen­tal all push­ing up to a tops of €1080 with the kg and that be­ing a CH bk 720kg mak­ing €1800 while we saw lighter store bks equally a lively trade with plenty of farmer cus­tom around the ring amongst the dif­fi­cult weather. Cus­tom in the re­gion of €2 per kg for the HE and AA €1.80 per kg for the plainer type FR with the strong BR FR type equally up to €2 per kg with the Con­ti­nen­tal sell­ing any­thing from €2.20 up­wards of €2.80 per kg with one ex­cep­tional price 3 CH bks 437kg mak­ing €1190.

Very lively trade in the beef heifer class with a lot of butcher de­mand sell­ing any­thing from €650 with the kg up to a tops to­day of €1020 with the kg and the store heifers equally as lively as the store hfrs sell­ing at €2 per kg for the HE and AA with the good con­ti­nen­tal heifers sell­ing from €2.35 to €2.80 per kg with some heifers push­ing up close to €3 for the wean­ling U grade type.

Very brisk trade for wean­ling bulls and strong de­mand by the feeder and ship­per cus­tomers with those con­ti­nen­tal bulls sell­ing from €2.40 for the more for­ward weights up to a tops of €3.10 per kg with the ma­jor­ity push­ing be­tween €2.60 and €2.95.

FR cull cows sold from €150 with the kg up to a tops to­day of €850 with the kg for the heavy con­ti­nen­tal cows with the good young fit feed­ing cows a very lively trade.

In calf cows sold to­day from €1080 up to a tops of €1520 spring calv­ing.

We had a large en­try of calves with the ship­ping type FR sell­ing from €50 up to €100 with some stronger FR up to a tops of €170 and some of the very light calves sell­ing from a base price of €20 up­wards while we saw the HE and AA from €120 up­wards and the HE and AA bulls sell­ing from €160 up­wards and the good con­ti­nen­tal type calves meet­ing a strong trade up to a tops of €430 to­day for a CH bull with the ma­jor­ity sell­ing from €350 to €400.

Just to re­mind every­one next Fri­day at 10:30am we will have a clear­ance sale of 15 con­ti­nen­tal cows with calves at foot also 4 spring calv­ing cows, 1 PR Reg stock bull and 29 year­ling bks and hfrs all from the one herd.

SHEEP SALE – MARCH 8: 1,630 sheep on of­fer met a su­per trade with prices up €10/€15 a head on sale two weeks ago. Top price of €150 paid for heavy butch­ers hoggetts.

Butcher Hoggetts over 50KG– €133–€150; Fac­tory Hoggetts 45 – 49KG–€118–€133; Store Hoggetts over 35KG–€90–€114; Light Store Hoggetts un­der 35KG–€75–€90; Cull Ewes–€75–€138; In Lamb Ewes–€85–€165; Ewes & Sin­gle Lambs–€130–€175; Ewes & Dou­bles–€185–€245.

DAIRY SALE – MARCH 8: 50 head on of­fer met a strong trade will full clear­ance. Freshly Calved Heifers–€1,250–€1,950; Freshly Calved Cows–€900–€1,450; In Calf Heifers–€1,050–€1,540; FR Heifer Calves–€150–€300.

CAT­TLE SALE–MARCH 9: Big en­try with 650 cat­tle & 750 calves on of­fer. Cat­tle trade very strong with a full clear­ance and good de­mand for beef and store cat­tle. Very strong ex­port de­mand for qual­ity wean­ling bulls. Beef & Fac­tory Cat­tle–€780 to €1,030 over; Cont. Store Bul­locks–€550 to € 960 over; Fr Bul­locks–€180 to € 620 over; Wean­ling Bulls–€480 to €1,000 over; Beef Heifers–€580 to €960 over; Store Heifers–€380 to €740 over; Dry Cow for Beef–€550 to €900 over; Store Cow–€100 to € 650 over; Suck­lers / In Calf–€850 to €1,600 over.

Calves: Cont. Bulls–€180 to €460; Cont. Hfrs–€140 to €380; He / Aa Bulls–€130 to €310; He / Aa Hfrs– €100 to €280; Store Fr Bulls–€130 to €220; Ex­port Fr Bull–€60 to €130; Small Fr Bull–€30 to €60.

Lug­gala Es­tate.

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