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A 72-YEAR- OLD MAN who suf­fered a heart at­tack last Fri­day when he was out walk­ing close to his home was saved by a pass­ing mo­torist.

Kevin O’Ke­effe from Springfield, Ark­low Rock, Ark­low, was walk­ing home from Kish when he col­lapsed on the side of the road. How­ever, thanks to the in­ter­ven­tion of pass­ing mo­torist Stephanie Har­ris from Wood­en­bridge Kevin is still alive.

Kevin’s wife Mau­reen and daugh­ter Bridin Hig­gins said that only for the CPR that Stephanie per­formed on Kevin, they would be attending his fu­neral.

Bridin said that Stephanie was driv­ing home from the beach when she came across Kevin in a semi-con­scious state in the mid­dle of the road.

‘Stephanie had done CPR train­ing in the past and im­me­di­ately stopped and started do­ing chest com­pres­sions on dad. He was in a semi-con­scious state at that time but ac­tu­ally stopped breath­ing in front of her at one stage. She con­tin­ued do­ing the com­pres­sions and an­other woman came along and called the am­bu­lance.

‘Stephanie con­tin­ued giv­ing dad the CPR un­til the medics ar­rived and he was rushed to St Vin­cent’s Hos­pi­tal for treat­ment.’

Bridin said that an an­gio­plasty per­formed in the hos­pi­tal showed Kevin has no block­ages and, yes­ter­day, he was fixed with an in­ter­nal de­fib­ril­la­tor.

‘ The doc­tors said that if dad had been home on his own he would be dead but be­cause Stephanie was able to keep his heart go­ing he’s still with us to­day.’

Kevin’s wife Mau­reen said it was vi­tal to the fam­ily to find out who their mys­tery an­gel was.

‘Stephanie slipped off very quickly af­ter the am­bu­lance ar­rived and we had no idea who she was but it was im­por­tant to us to find out who she was. We put a call out on so­cial media on Fri­day evening and through friends of hers and a neigh­bour of ours, we were in con­tact with her on Satur­day morn­ing.

‘What Stephanie did for us as a fam­ily is amaz­ing. We are now all go­ing to get CPR train­ing. It’s so vi­tal, you never know when you could need it. Kevin was just so lucky that Stephanie came across him ly­ing on the road, not only to be found but to be found by some­one who was trained in CPR. She was so calm and col­lected and just started work­ing on him straight away sav­ing his life.’

Mau­reen said that Kevin is in great spir­its in hos­pi­tal and is re­cov­er­ing well, adding that they hope to meet up with Stephanie when he re­turns home to thank her fully for her swift ac­tions.

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