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AS the rest of us en­joyed ex­cep­tional weather, the promis­ing youth of Bray sat down to their ex­ams.

De­spite a very un­der­stand­able level of nerves, Leav­ing Cer­tifi­cate stu­dents at St Kil­ian’s and Loreto were mak­ing a great start last week.

‘I’ve re­ally put in the hours,’ said Nathan Flana­gan at St Kil­ian’s. ‘I’ve stud­ied my best so I think I will get the re­wards. We just had ge­og­ra­phy there. I’m not very good at ge­og­ra­phy but I tried my best so I think I did well enough.’ Nathan plans to be a maths teacher so was hop­ing to do well in those pa­pers.

Sean O’Dowd said that study­ing is a bit hard with mount­ing pres­sure. ‘ The two years of work will be worth it at the end of the day,’ he said. He has been par­tic­u­larly fo­cussing on Ir­ish re­cently due to a drop in stan­dard, so he was hop­ing to do well in that sub­ject.

Chloe Gray said that in gen­eral there is a lot of pres­sure sur­round­ing the ex­ams.

‘I’m just go­ing to go with the flow, I’m not go­ing to pres­sure my­self. As for the fab­u­lous weather, she’s mak­ing the most of it. ‘I just study in my gar­den, so it’s not too bad,’ she said.

Ni­cole Ryan said that the ge­og­ra­phy pa­per was ‘ugly’. ‘It was harder than ex­pected,’ she said.

Kelly wa­ters agreed with the as­sess­ment. The English pa­pers were rel­a­tively easy, she said, and with maths be­ing one of her favourite sub­jects she was ex­pect­ing to be com­fort­able with the pa­pers.

Year head Helen Dodd said that the stu­dents had been go­ing into their ex­ams with a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude. ‘ They’ve done their bit of work and they’re do­ing the best that they can do,’ she said. ‘And that’s all we can ask of them.’ She said that most of the exam stress is prior to the first pa­per. ‘It’s the build-up to it,’ said Helen. ‘Once the first exam is done they’re on a roll.’

Out­go­ing head girl at Loreto Roisin Martin said that th­ese were not like any ex­ams they had done be­fore. ‘English pa­per one was nice, then pa­per two wasn’t my best friend!’ she said. ‘With maths, we’re just hop­ing that what we’ve learned comes up. We’ve put a lot of work in.’

Eimear Martin said that the work­load at the week­end would in­clude bi­ol­ogy, maths and Ir­ish. ‘ There’s a lot of work in­volved with all of them.’ Molly Fitzgerald in­sisted that she’s no good at English, to guf­faws from her friends. (‘She’s good at ev­ery­thing,’ said one.) She was happy to get it out of the way and move on to other sub­jects like chem­istry. ‘I can’t wait to just get in and smash them to be hon­est,’ said Molly. Aimee Kane was re­lieved to make a start. ‘ The night be­fore the first exam I was re­ally ner­vous but it’s not as bad now,’ said Aimee.

Lauren Kir­wan, Beth Barrett Cullen and Sor­cha McMa­hon at Loreto Bray.

Aoife Doyle, Kel­lie Wa­ters and Ni­cole Ryan at St Kil­ian’s.

Sean O’Dowd, Chloe Gray and Nathan Flana­gan.

Ab­bie Seville and So­phie Delaney at Loreto Bray.

Me­gan Doyle and Timea Fodor at Loreto Bray.

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