Sam and Char­lie rushed to help men who were in se­ri­ous dif­fi­culty in strong cur­rents


A BRAY TEENAGER and his French pal risked their own lives at the week­end to res­cue a pair of adults who had found them­selves strug­gling in strong cur­rents at Magher­amore Beach, south of Wick­low town.

Sam Dun­can (14) and Char­lie Carer (15) showed great brav­ery on Sun­day when they put aside their own per­sonal safety to come to the aid of the two men in their thir­ties.

It was an event­ful in­tro­duc­tion to Wick­low for French stu­dent Char­lie, who had only ar­rived in Ire­land the day be­fore to take part in train­ing at the Irish Na­tional Sail­ing School.

One of the men was al­ready slip­ping in and out of con­scious­ness when the two teenagers reached them on their pad­dle boards. They then di­rected both men to grab onto the boards be­fore bring­ing the pair back to the shore safely.

Sam’s mother An­to­nia said she was very ‘proud’ of her son – and she cred­ited his life­guard train­ing for his calm re­ac­tion.

A BRAY teenager and his French pal have been la­belled ‘ he­roes’ after risk­ing their own lives to res­cue two adults who ended up in dif­fi­culty while wad­ing into the sea at Magher­amore.

The dra­matic af­ter­noon for Sam Dun­can and Char­lie Carer took place at the pop­u­lar beach out­side Wick­low town on Sun­day. It was cer­tainly an event­ful in­tro­duc­tion to County Wick­low for French stu­dent Char­lie, who had only ar­rived in Ire­land the day be­fore to take part in train­ing at the Irish Na­tional Sail­ing School.

After ar­riv­ing at Magher­amore, 14-yearold Sam and 15-year-old Char­lie de­cided to take their pad­dle boards out to a rock at the north end of the beach.

How­ever, they soon came across two males in their thir­ties who were be­ing pulled un­der the wa­ter by strong cur­rents.

Sam’s mother An­to­nia feels the quick think­ing of the two teens helped pre­vent what could have been a dou­ble tragedy.

‘ The first time I no­ticed some­thing strange was hap­pen­ing was when I spot­ted there were four heads bob­bing up and down by their pad­dle boards and not two.’

The two men, a Por­tuguese and Pak­istan na­tional, had waded into the wa­ter to walk out to some rocks when the ground be­neath their feet sud­denly dis­ap­peared and they found them­selves strug­gling against strong cur­rents.

Sam and Char­lie no­ticed the pair were in dif­fi­culty and swam in their di­rec­tion, telling the two men to grab onto the boards. By this stage one of the men was al­ready los­ing con­scious­ness.

The boys man­aged to get back to shore safely with the two re­lieved ca­su­al­ties in tow.

An­to­nio be­lieves Sam’s train­ing as a sec­ond-year life­guard proved of ma­jor as­sis­tance to the suc­cess­ful res­cue ef­fort.

‘I am very proud of him and Char­lie. It could have been a dis­as­ter for all four of them. The nat­u­ral re­ac­tion for most peo­ple would be to give out their hand but Sam knew from his life­guard train­ing to di­rect and put the men on the boards. One of the men was pan­ick­ing but Sam kept him calm. Both men were ex­hausted by the time they got to shore but they were also re­lieved.’

Sam Dun­can and Char­lie Carer after the res­cue at Magher­amore beach.

Car­lie Carer and Sam Dun­can, who res­cued two men in dif­fi­cul­ties at Magher­amore beach on Sun­day.

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