Wick­low Masters pro­duces top run­ning

Record num­ber of men com­pete in masters

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A record num­ber of men took part in the Wick­low Masters Cross County cham­pi­onships in Shanganah last Sun­day morn­ing.

A field of 50 men took part in the 6km race to de­cide who would be crowned cham­pion of Wick­low at masters level and it was the in-form Ian McGrath of Bray Run­ners who would com­pete the course is a very im­pres­sive 20:24.

A very com­pet­i­tive women’s race got the morn­ing’s rac­ing up and run­ning so to speak and Catherine O’Con­nor’s re­ac­tion to the early pace setting of Glen­dalough AC’s Rachel Wisdom was key as the Par­nell AC run­ner caught Wisdom and would never be re­cap­tured over the rest iof the 4km course.

Per­fect con­di­tions for cross coun­try greeted the ath­letes and the very im­pres­sive num­ber of sup­port­ers. The course was dry and held up very well to the tram­pling un­der­foot.

The women got un­der­way at 11am and it was Rachel Wisdom who took to the front early on. O’Con­nor was hav­ing none of this and she reeled in the Glen­dalough AC women and from there to the fin­ish it was al­ways go­ing to be O’Con­nor’s crown as she broke the tape on 15.35.

The bat­tle then came down for sec­ond and third. Ais­ling Smith would se­cure sil­ver in a time of 15:59 and Wisdom was pipped for third by the hard-run­ning An­n­marie Kenny of Par­nell AC in 16:20 with Wisdom cross­ing 21 sec­onds later for fourth.

Rachel Wisdom’s ef­forts played a ma­jor role in help­ing her team to the team gold. Par­nell AC took sil­ver and Kil­coole AC claimed third.

Ian McGrath proved un­stop­pable in the men’s race.

The Br­ray Run­ners man gal­loped home in 20:24, but he didn’t have it all his own way as Damien Byrne from Kil­coole AC was only a mere five sec­onds be­hind in sec­ond.

Third spot was nabbed by his club col­league Paul O’Brien in a one-two that helped Kil­coole to the team gold with Bray Run­ners in third and Ashford AC in third.

Many of these run­ners will line up for the start of the Le­in­ster In­ter­me­di­ate and Masters Cross Coun­try Cham­pi­onships in Gowran this week­end. We wish them all the very best.


MEN - 1st: Ian McGrath (Bray Run­ners AC) 20:24; 2nd: Damien Byrne (Kil­coole AC) 20:29; 3rd: Paul O’Brien (Kil­coole AC) 20:38; 4th: Alan Dal­ton (Par­nell AC) 20:52; 5th: Colm Mur­phy (Kil­coole AC) 21:10; 6th: An­drew Law­less (Kil­coole AC) 21:11; 7th: Justin Dut­ton (Ashford AC) 21:23; 8th: Do­minic Ho­ran (Bray Run­ners AC) 21:27; 9th: Alan Duffy (Inbhear Mor AC) 21:41; 10th: Bren­dan Dono­hue (Kil­coole AC) 21:42; 11th: Paul Allen (Bray Run­ners AC) 21:50; 12th: Ro­nan King (Inbhear Dee AC) 21:55; 13th: Angus Tyner (Glen­dalough AC) 22:01; 14th: Peter Sav­age (Ashford AC) 22:09; 15th: Colin Mor­ris­sey (Kil­coole AC) 22:17; 16th: Mark Walsh (Kil­coole AC) 22:23; 17th: Tony Collins (Par­nell AC) 22:37; 18th: Shane O’Connell (Inbhear Mor AC) 22:44; 19th: Kevin Whe­lan (Ashford AC) 22:48; 20th: An­thony Breen (Glen­dalough AC) 22:51; 21st: Ben Mooney (Inbhear Dee AC) 22:55; 22nd: Mark Byrne (Kil­coole AC) 23:00; 23rd: Paul Ma­hon (Par­nell AC) 23:04; 24th: Gary O’Leary (Ashford AC) 23:08; 25th: Bosco O’Neill (Par­nell AC) 23:13; 26th: Dean Phillips (Kil­coole AC) 23:16; 27th: Darragh Page (Kil­coole AC) 23:21; 28th: Barry O’Neill (Glen­dalough AC) 23:28; 29th: Paul Kelly (Inbhear Dee AC) 23:31; 30th: Ian O’Don­nell (Kil­coole AC) 23:34; 31st: Rene Borg (Glen­dalough AC) 23:36; 32nd: John Baugh (Kil­coole AC) 23:38; 33rd: De­sie Shorten (Par­nell AC) 23:43; 34th: Brian Har­ris (Ashford AC) 24:08; 35th: Eoghan Mooney (Kil­coole AC) 24:11; 36th: Gar­rett Kelly (Bray Run­ners AC) 24:11; 37th: Johnny Con­way (Glen­dalough AC) 24:12; 38th: Justin Doyle (Kil­coole AC) 24:31; 39th: Mick O’Brien (Inbhear Dee AC) 24:41; 40th: Gerry Keaty (Bray Run­ners AC) 24:50; 41st: Cor­mac O Ceal­laigh (Par­nell AC) 24:57; 42nd: An­drew Han­ney (Kil­coole AC) 25:00; 43rd: Ro­nan Gill (Kil­coole AC) 25:08; 44th: Bill Porter (Par­nell AC) 25:11; 45th: Hugh Kin­sella (Par­nell AC) 25:23; 46th: Karol Ó Loin­sigh (Bray Run­ners AC) 25:58; 47th: Dun­can Bar­rett (Glen­dalough AC) 26:33; 48th: Tom Cavanagh (Bray Run­ners AC) 26:36; 49th: Colm Kenna (Glen­dalough AC) 26:55; 50th: Keith Mul­vey (Glen­dalough AC) 27:08.

Cat­e­gory M35 - 1st: Paul O’Brien (Kil­coole AC); 2nd: An­drew Law­less (Kil­coole AC); 3rd: Bren­dan Dono­hue (Kil­coole AC). Cat­e­gory M40 - 1st: Damien Byrne (Kil­coole AC); 2nd: Alan Dal­ton (Par­nell AC); 3rd: Colm Mur­phy (Kil­coole AC). Cat­e­gory M45 - 1st: Ian McGrath (Bray Run­ners AC); 2nd: Mark Walsh (Kil­coole AC); 3rd: An­thony Breen (Glen­dalough AC).

Cat­e­gory M50 - 1st: Do­minic Ho­ran (Bray Run­ners AC); 2nd: Ro­nan King (Inbhear Dee AC); 3rd: Angus Tyner (Glen­dalough AC).

Cat­e­gory M55 - 1st: Ben Mooney (Inbhear Dee AC); 2nd: Bill Porter (Par­nell AC); 3rd: Hugh Kin­sella (Par­nell AC).

Cat­e­gory M60 - 1st: De­sie Shorten (Par­nell AC); 2nd: Tom Cavanagh (Bray Run­ners AC). Plac­ings for Team Scor­ing Teams: 1st: Kil­coole AC; 2nd: Bray Run­ners, 3rd: Ashford AC. WOMEN - 1st: Catherine O’Con­nor (Par­nell AC) 15:35; 2nd: Ash­ling Smith (Bray Run­ners AC) 15:59; 3rd: An­n­marie Kenny (Par­nell AC) 16:20; 4th: Rachel Wisdom (Glen­dalough AC) 16:41; 5th: Donna Quinn (Glen­dalough AC) 17:03; 6th: Yvonne Bren­nan (Glen­dalough AC) 17:07; 7th: Claire Lauder (Kil­coole AC) 17:24; 8th: Catherine De­vitt (Glen­dalough AC) 17:25; 9th: Anna Glee­son (Kil­coole AC) 17:29; 10th: Mary Hayde (Bray Run­ners AC) 18:03; 11th: San­dra Peg­man (Kil­coole AC) 18:06; 12th: Sharon Bai­ley (Bray Run­ners AC) 18:32; 13th: Jenny Lawler (Bray Run­ners AC) 18:41; 14th: Sharon Wheeler (Inbhear Mor AC) 18:43; 15th: Aoife Joyce (Glen­dalough AC) 18:53; 16th: Caro­line Henry (Kil­coole AC) 19:15; 17th: Aoife Boyle (Bray Run­ners AC) 19:29; 18th: Maria Messitt (Kil­coole AC); 19:46; 19th: Aoife Tun­ney (Inbhear Mor AC) 20:01; 20th: Hannah Nolan (Par­nell AC) 20:16; 21st: Maureen O’Rourke (Bray Run­ners AC) 21:06. Cat­e­gory W35 - 1st: Rachel Wisdom (Glen­dalough AC); 2nd: Donna Quinn (Glen­dalough AC); 3rd: Catherine De­vitt (Glen­dalough AC).

Cat­e­gory W40 - 1st: Catherine O’Con­nor (Par­nell AC); 2nd: An­n­marie Kenny (Par­nell AC); 3rd: Yvonne Bren­nan (Glen­dalough AC).

Cat­e­gory W45 - 1st: Ash­ling Smith (Bray Run­ners AC); 2nd: Claire Lauder (Kil­coole AC); 3rd: Mary Hayde (Bray Run­ners AC) Teams: 1st: Glen­dalough AC; 2nd: Par­nell AC; 3rd: Kil­coole AC.

Gar­rett Kelly, Tom Cavanagh, and Karol Ó Loin­sigh from Bray Run­ners.

The Glen­dalough wom­ens team (L-R): Donna Quinn, Yvonne Bren­nan, Rachel Wisdom, Catherine De­vitt, and Aoife Joyce.

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