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Covid-19 lock­down gave us more time to­gether with the chil­dren

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Tara and Malachí McCor­mack are de­lighted with their new baby sis­ter Oon­agh who is now one month old and thriv­ing.

The in­fant was born last month at the Coombe Hospi­tal weigh­ing 7 lbs and 2 oz.

‘She’s a great big baby,’ said proud mum Deirdre, ‘I tend to have quick labours. We ar­rived at the Coombe Hospi­tal at 4.30 p.m. and she was born at 5.04 p.m.’

The mum-of-three from Bless­ing­ton found out she was ex­pect­ing her third child in De­cem­ber. Deirdre said that her preg­nancy wasn’t show­ing when Covid-19 lock­down started. Now when the fam­ily are out and about, ‘peo­ple say they didn’t know I was preg­nant’.

The McCor­ma­cks en­joyed lots of time to­gether dur­ing lock­down as dad Donal was work­ing from home. The fam­ily de­cided to take an ‘ex­tra cau­tious ap­proach’ and kept to them­selves. Once the ini­tial strict lock­down mea­sures were lifted, Deirdre said they en­joyed many walks in Russ­bor­ough House and Gar­dens near their home.

‘It was a time for fam­ily. My hus­band had no com­mute as he was work­ing from home. I’m a stay-at-home and we had more time to spend with the kids.’

For four-year-old Tara and 21-month-old Malachí, there was plenty of ex­cite­ment dur­ing lock­down at the thought of a new baby in the house.

‘It was re­ally ex­cit­ing dur­ing lock­down. They were wait­ing for the baby for a long time. When she ar­rived, they were de­lighted. We didn’t find out if we were hav­ing a girl or a boy so when Donal went home af­ter Oon­agh’s birth, they face­timed and we re­vealed their new sis­ter. It was as if we were all dis­cov­er­ing it at the same time.’

Most of all, Deirdre is full of praise for the care and hard work of the staff at the Coombe Hospi­tal in Dublin.

‘The staff were amaz­ing. They were work­ing so hard,’ she added.

 ??  ?? Baby Oon­agh with sib­lings Tara and Malachi.
Baby Oon­agh with sib­lings Tara and Malachi.

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