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Serves 6

Some­times you are just look­ing for some­thing a lit­tle ex­tra spe­cial for a quick mid­week meal. Take note if you are plan­ning on get­ting a lit­tle amorous af­ter sup­per, with six cloves of gar­lic, this is def­i­nitely not the dish for you!


Gar­lic and rosemary-smeared lamb cut­lets:

* 12 lamb cut­lets * 6 cloves of gar­lic

* 2 large sprigs of rosemary, woody stems re­moved

* 2 ta­ble­spoons of oil * Cracked black pep­per

Gar­lic sautéed pota­toes: * A lit­tle oil for cook­ing

* 12-16 baby pota­toes, thinly sliced

* 4 cloves of gar­lic, crushed *red chilli, finely diced

Gar­lic and herb but­ter: * 2oz/50g but­ter, soft­ened * 2 cloves of gar­lic

* 1 dessert­spoon freshly chopped pars­ley


* For the lamb cut­lets, place the gar­lic, rosemary, oil and black pep­per into a food pro­ces­sor and blend un­til a coarse con­sis­tency has been achieved. Place the lamb cut­lets into a large bowl, add the gar­lic and rosemary puree and mix well.

* Heat a large pan with a lit­tle oil or but­ter.

* Cook the lamb chops on both sides, on a medium to high heat for ap­prox­i­mately 2-3 min­utes and then trans­fer to the oven un­til re­quired or un­til they are cooked to your lik­ing. Af­ter ap­prox­i­mately 5-6 min­utes each side they will be medium. It will take ap­prox­i­mately 10-12 min­utes for well-done chops.

* Serve the lamb chops on top of the gar­lic sautéed pota­toes.

* For the gar­lic sautéed pota­toes, heat a large wide based pan with a lit­tle oil. Add in the thinly-sliced baby pota­toes and the crushed gar­lic and cook over a medium heat, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til the pota­toes are

cooked through. Sprin­kle with a lit­tle chopped pars­ley be­fore serv­ing.

* For the gar­lic and herb but­ter, mix the chopped pars­ley, crushed gar­lic and soft­ened but­ter to­gether.

* Chill un­til re­quired and then serve gen­er­ously on top of the lamb.

Ed­ward’s Handy Hints:

· When buy­ing the lamb cut­lets, ask your butcher to French trim them from the rack for you.

· Roll any left­over gar­lic but­ter in parch­ment pa­per and store in the freezer un­til re­quired.

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 ??  ?? Tasty gar­lic and rosemary-smeared lamb cut­lets.
Tasty gar­lic and rosemary-smeared lamb cut­lets.

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