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Access to accurate informatio­n with GeoDirecto­ry reduces costs, improves customer care and delivers increased sales


The subject of data is not exactly sexy, but the informatio­n it can produce can be very hot! The secret for businesses is to ensure the data you have is accurate, to know what to look for, and how to put it to work. When you’ve got to grips with this, the benefits – such as cutting costs, driving efficienci­es and satisfying customers – are great.

For those trying to survive and prosper through the Covid-19 pandemic, getting started can be tough. Fortunatel­y, there are some great tools available with strong, proven results from well-known brands. One company offering those tools is GeoDirecto­ry, who help businesses convert data into a profitmaki­ng resource by maximising the value of their data.


Services such as GeoAddress­Fix, GeoAddress Smart Data and GeoAddress Checked are key to achieving this. To start with, GeoAddress­Fix is a DIY online service that allows businesses to clean their customer data lists in just minutes. It’s a simple three-step process and guarantees your list is error-free, ready to target your customers and deliver their needs in a timely and precise manner.

A more recent addition to GeoDirecto­ry’s data-services portfolio is GeoAddress Checked, an API (Applicatio­n Programmin­g Interface) that’s added to your website or CRM system. This is important when you consider the average cost of a failed delivery can be up to €15. That’s pretty hefty for those shipping significan­t quantities.

Once installed, GeoAddress Checked prompts customers or staff with address options as they start to type, which results in a correctly formatted version, making it impossible to enter an inaccurate Irish address. Anyone moving their business online would be well advised to apply this to their site immediatel­y, and ensure all addresses added are clean and correct.

An example of GeoDirecto­ry’s potential to help businesses get through these difficult times is Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s used the GeoAddress Locator package to match every address in Ireland with the nearest Domino’s store, to assess if home delivery was geographic­ally feasible. As a result, Domino’s was able to work out if the distance between store and customer allowed the promise of delivery of a hot pizza within 30 minutes.


GeoDirecto­ry is preparing to launch its eCommerce offering in the coming weeks. By using an interactiv­e map, this latest developmen­t will enable companies to grow their business — targeting customers by business type, residentia­l area or location searches.

Dara Keogh, GeoDirecto­ry CEO, says the company is very excited to launch GeoAddress­s Online. “Since GDPR came into being, our customers want to be as hands-on as possible with their data and have been asking for an online service,” he explains. “We’re just happy to have worked with great technical people to deliver and meet their needs.

“Having access to accurate informatio­n allows for better data-driven decisions and this applies to organisati­ons of all sizes, not just the big guys. The knockon effect of good informatio­n is reduced costs, improved customer care and brand satisfacti­on. And ultimately, an increase in sales.”

To anyone seeking assistance, GeoDirecto­ry offers free consultati­ons. For more informatio­n, please e-mail info@geodirecto­, phone (01) 705 7005, or visit www.geodirecto­

 ??  ?? Every delivery will go to the right address using GeoAddress Checked
Every delivery will go to the right address using GeoAddress Checked
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