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Employee recognitio­n and rewards are more important than ever

Contactles­s One4all Digital Gift Cards can be sent by SMS or email and are the perfect rewards solution


Arecent study conducted by One4all focused on the power of ‘Thank You’ and the impact these words have on attitudes and emotions. Findings from this research suggest that Covid-19 has transforme­d our outlook for the better. One in three of those surveyed stated they now understand that showing their appreciati­on to someone can have great impact, while 29% are more thankful now for what other people do than they were pre-pandemic1.

Another One4all study focused on the power that gratitude holds in the workplace. This research found that 68% of respondent­s would be loyal to their employer if they were regularly thanked for their efforts, with 34% stating that they would be unlikely to leave a position where they were shown regular appreciati­on and praise. Seven out of ten employees surveyed stated that they would even sacrifice a higher wage, if it meant they could work for an employer that regularly expressed gratitude2.


While working remotely, many workers have faced new challenges on top of their normal workload, and they are prone to feel more overwhelme­d where there is no clear divide between work and home life. As such, employee recognitio­n and rewards are more important than ever, if employers are to maintain high levels of staff satisfacti­on, motivation and productivi­ty.

Eimear Redmond, Sales Manager for One4all Rewards, says it’s apparent that consistent and proactive recognitio­n and rewards really motivates a workforce. “In a digital age where people are being forced to adapt to rapidly changing working environmen­ts due to the pandemic, now more than ever, it’s vital to encourage and acknowledg­e employees’ efforts and commitment,” she adds. “Acknowledg­ing a team’s achievemen­ts helps boost productivi­ty and contribute­s to company success.”

As experts in rewards, One4all Rewards has a digital offering that can help businesses who want to show appreciati­on to their staff. The One4all Digital Gift Card is the perfect rewards solution, as it integrates contactles­s delivery and contactles­s payment both in-store and online. The card is an ideal component of any remote rewards strategy, as it can be gifted virtually and offers employees huge choice.


The One4all Digital Gift Card is sent directly to the recipient via SMS or email. Employers can customise the card with their choice of imagery, personalis­e with their own video and message, and incorporat­e on-the-spot recognitio­n to recognise staff achievemen­ts as they occur, with instant digital delivery. In addition, the One4all Digital Gift Cards are environmen­tally friendly, as they are plastic-free and packaging-free.

Eimear Redmond explains: “The One4all Digital Gift Card is the perfect solution to instantly reward your staff and motivate them, anywhere and any time. Personalis­e your digital card and give staff the choice and flexibilit­y to spend their gift card in-store or online.”

Employees can use their One4all Digital Gift Card to purchase goods and services from their phone at over 11,000 locations nationwide. All card details are stored securely on their personal account, so the card cannot be lost or stolen, and can be accessed at any time.

If your business is looking to optimise its rewards solution, our corporate sales team is on hand to help you every step of the way.

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 ??  ?? Eimear Redmond, Sales Manager, One4all Rewards
Eimear Redmond, Sales Manager, One4all Rewards
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