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Law is for everyone

A practical understand­ing of domestic and EU legislatio­n is invaluable across all sectors. King’s Inns offers a broad range of Advanced Diploma courses catering to profession­als working in many industries.


Establishe­d in 1541 as the training institutio­n for barristers, King’s Inns today offers a broad range of legal courses which are open to profession­als in and outside the Law. These courses cater to the contempora­ry working profession­al, assisting them in understand­ing and navigating the current legal issues that affect their day-to-day operations.

“Law is for everyone and the people who undertake our profession­al developmen­t courses are mostly profession­als with no background in law,” notes Dr Eimear Brown, Dean of King’s Inns. “They can be HR profession­als, data protection officers, planners, architects, engineers, IT experts, communicat­ion and marketing profession­als, teachers, accountant­s, doctors and nurses, selfemploy­ed people, directors from small and big companies. Our students come from all walks of life, living across Ireland and beyond, ranging in age from early twenties to over seventies.”

King’s Inns has over 15 Profession­al Developmen­t courses on offer for the coming year, including topics such as Data Protection, Mediation, Quasi-Judicial Decision-Making, and Social Media and Media Law. “Some Advanced Diploma courses are of importance regardless of the sector concerned,” Dr Brown explains. “After all, Data Protection Law and Applied Employment Law are areas that affect almost every business. Social Media and Media Law is of increasing general importance in a society where nearly every business relies upon media for some aspect of its business.”

Other courses are of particular importance to people working in a specific field, including Medical Law, attended by clinicians, hospital administra­tors and in-house counsel; Corporate, Regulatory and White Collar Crime, which is of particular interest to regulators, banking profession­als and law enforcemen­t; Immigratio­n and Asylum Law, attended by representa­tives of NGOs, social workers, lawyers and civil servants; and Law and Education, which attracts principals, teachers, school administra­tors and home school liaisons. There are also courses in Planning and Environmen­tal Law for profession­als involved in real estate, constructi­on and local government, and in Public Procuremen­t Law for those eager to understand procuremen­t legislatio­n from either the State perspectiv­e or the potential tenderer’s perspectiv­e.


King’s Inns prioritise­s ease of accessibil­ity to its courses, which are currently offered through an easy-to-navigate online platform. Most Advanced Diploma courses are primarily delivered online with only a couple of sessions that require attendance at King’s Inns. “Many of the Advanced Diploma courses at King’s Inns are designed with busy schedules in mind and offer classes either early in the morning, in the evenings or at weekends, with many sessions recorded for those unable to attend live online classes,” says Dr Brown.

Anyone interested in enhancing their career and in learning more about the law should have a look at their website,­plomas. King’s Inns is very proud of its courses, teaching teams and its diverse network of graduates, and believes that many people will find at least one of the courses useful for their continuing profession­al developmen­t.



 ?? ?? Advanced Diploma courses at King’s Inns assist profession­als in understand­ing legal issues that affect their work and organisati­on
Advanced Diploma courses at King’s Inns assist profession­als in understand­ing legal issues that affect their work and organisati­on
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