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How to grow your business

Every small business owner wants to grow their business to some extent — from expanding into a profitable crossborde­r business to becoming a global mega-brand. Whatever your ambitions, as one of the world’s largest and most internatio­nal companies, DHL can help you with advice and tips on business growth planning. Each small business needs to decide what business growth means to them — growing your customer base, expanding your product range, higher revenue, higher profit, selling in more countries. Once this has been locked down there some strategies you can consider to support this expansion.

Create a business growth plan

A business growth plan will force you to look ahead. It is an outline for where you see your company, usually with a timeline over the next year or two, and goals for each quarter. At the end of each quarter you can see which you have met and which you haven’t. This will help monitor market share, help recoup early losses, minimise future risk and show concrete revenue plans.

Use customer research

If you can pinpoint what made your current customers buy your product, you can decide what marketing strategies are working for you and what may not in the future. It’s also vital to find out your customer pain points and challenges, so you can improve your products and processes, to increase loyalty and attract new customers. Free tools like Google or Adobe Analytics can also provide essential data about how your customers engage with your website, allowing you to optimise accordingl­y.

Use your competitor­s

Competitor research can be extremely useful as part of business growth planning. Look at what your competitor­s are doing, what works for them, and what doesn’t. Look at what their customers are saying about them in reviews, and draw insights from that. Similar Web and AdBeat are great tools to research competitor sales funnels and uncover their online strategies.

Extend to new markets

If you’re not already selling your products cross-border, exporting them is a sure way to grow your business. And if you’re already doing so, why not think about new countries to sell to? To start with, consider creating a country-specific webstore rather than a bricks and mortar outlet. And when it comes to shipping your goods to a new market, rapid, reliable logistics are essential. At DHL we can ensure it all happens smoothly.

Be socially responsibl­e

Corporate and social responsibi­lity (CSR) is a huge issue for every business right now. Many people will only work with, work for, or buy from businesses that practice good CSR. That means making changes to become a greener business, producing sustainabl­e products and giving back to your local community. On the other hand, if you publicise the fact that you insist on a logistics partner who uses electric vehicles for delivery, for example, or you’ve changed to sustainabl­e packaging, or your employees are volunteeri­ng and cleaning up the local green spaces, this will all help build your brand – and create goodwill among current and potential customers.

If you would like more informatio­n, advice and tips on expanding your small business then scan the QR code below to take you to our dedicated website. Alternativ­ely you can contact ie.ecommerce@dhl. com to speak with one of our representa­tives.

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 ?? ?? DHL Express can help your business grow
DHL Express can help your business grow

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