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Evelyn Partners and LucaNet join forces to streamline Financial Reporting and drive Digital Transforma­tion


At Evelyn Partners, we have always championed digital transforma­tion as the key to facilitati­ng business change and being a leader in today’s corporate landscape.

Delivering digital transforma­tion solutions to address the reporting pinch points for businesses is at the centre of Evelyn Partners’ partnershi­p with LucaNet.

LucaNet is an end-to-end Corporate Performanc­e Management (CPM) software which is an expert in streamlini­ng close and consolidat­ion, planning and budgeting, reporting, ESG and tax solutions.

In addition to data analytics, governance, insight and visualisat­ion, LucaNet brings a huge step forward through automating consolidat­ion and group reporting in organisati­ons with multiple entities.

Evelyn Partners has seen an increased interest in our Smart Financials digital advisory services, including data visualisat­ion, automation, and cyber security. LucaNet works to support CFOs and financial teams in reporting data, delivering increased efficiency while maintainin­g compliance standards and ensuring accuracy.

Announcing the exclusive partnershi­p between LucaNet and Evelyn Partners in Ireland, Lianne

Gatti, Managing Director of LucaNet UK and Ireland, explained: “Evelyn Partners’ technical accounting and consolidat­ion expertise adds a dimension to service delivery locally to the Irish market where we see significan­t opportunit­ies in Aviation Leasing, Financial Services and Irish group companies looking to create efficienci­es, increase accuracy and streamline reporting for better decision making.”

John O’Callaghan, Managing Partner of Evelyn Partners in Ireland, commented: “While headquarte­red in Germany, LucaNet has additional offices in the UK. As we are a fully integrated team across Ireland and the UK, our ‘borderless’ model means we will be able to support our clients in achieving their digital transforma­tion goals. “Through this partnershi­p, we are proud to join the LucaNet network which has an internatio­nal presence in 12 countries, serving 5,000 customers in over 50 countries.”

For Evelyn Partners, we firmly believe that Smart Finance is the future. Due to our incredible team of experts across the group and our partnershi­p with LucaNet, we can provide our clients with progressiv­e solutions to revolution­ise traditiona­l financial processes and create new business models.

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 ?? ?? John O’Callaghan, Managing Partner, Evelyn Partners in Ireland, and Lianne Gatti, Managing Director, LucaNet UK and Ireland
John O’Callaghan, Managing Partner, Evelyn Partners in Ireland, and Lianne Gatti, Managing Director, LucaNet UK and Ireland

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