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Strategic Banking Corporatio­n of Ireland

Making low-cost credit available and accessible to Irish businesses


The Strategic Banking Corporatio­n of Ireland (SBCI) is Ireland’s National Promotiona­l Institutio­n and was set up by the Department of Finance in 2014 to avail of both national and European funding for the purpose of making low-cost credit available and accessible to Irish businesses. Our role is to provide dedicated financial support to Irish businesses by making it easier for them to get the finance they need to stay competitiv­e, prosper, transition to a more sustainabl­e business model and ultimately build economic activity in Ireland.

We provide a mix of low-cost lending facilities and risk-sharing guarantee schemes through our wide network of on-lending partners, which includes banks, non-bank finance providers and credit unions. Since we started our lending activity in 2015, more than €3.6 billion of SBCI supported funding has been approved for almost 55,000 Irish SMEs.

Green Investment­s: A catalyst for sustainabl­e growth

In an era where environmen­tal concerns have become paramount, businesses globally are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainabl­e practices. For Irish businesses, the importance of ‘green investment­s’ to reduce carbon emissions and invest in long-term sustainabi­lity cannot be overstated. The adoption of green investment­s and sustainabl­e practices is not just an ethical choice. It is a strategic approach that can impact their long-term viability, community standing and financial resilience.

Green investment­s and sustainabi­lity measures often go hand in hand with increased efficiency. Businesses that invest in energy-efficient technologi­es, streamline supply chains, and adopt sustainabl­e practices are not only reducing their environmen­tal footprint but also cutting operationa­l costs over the long-term.

To stimulate and encourage green investment­s and the adoption of sustainabl­e practices, we are offering the Growth and Sustainabi­lity Loan Scheme in collaborat­ion with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment and the Department of Agricultur­e, Food and the Marine. This long-term, low-cost scheme, developed in conjunctio­n with the EIB Group, provides eligible SMEs, including farmers and fishers, and Small Mid-Caps with competitiv­ely priced loans of between €25,000 and €3 million for terms from seven to ten years, with loans of up to €500,000 available unsecured, thanks to an 80% government backed guarantee.

Interested businesses can avail of this funding for strategic investment­s in environmen­tally friendly technology, such as smart meters for heating, cooling, lighting, gas, water, and electricit­y; energy-efficient equipment and machinery, including the replacemen­t of agricultur­al machinery such as tractors, harvesters, specialise­d tillage equipment; or building upgrades, including solar panels, LED lighting and roof and wall insulation.

A dedicated support for Irish businesses impacted by the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is having a significan­t economic impact on Irish businesses, including shocks to energy prices and broader inflationa­ry impacts. To support those businesses, farmers and fishers facing additional input costs, the Government launched the Ukraine Credit Guarantee Scheme.

This support provides finance from €10,000 to €1 million at reduced interest rates and repayment terms up to six years to those applicants whose costs have increased by at least 10% compared to their 2020 cost figures because of the ongoing war. Borrowers can also benefit from unsecured loans up to €250,000, meaning that no personal guarantee or collateral is required for loans up to this amount.

How to apply for the SBCI funding?

There is a simple two-step applicatio­n process to apply for a loan under both schemes. First, applicants must register (or login) on the SBCI Hub ( and submit an online eligibilit­y applicatio­n form. Once the online form is completed, successful applicants will be issued with an eligibilit­y code. Secondly, applicants must provide this eligibilit­y code to a participat­ing on-lender to begin their credit applicatio­n process.

I strongly recommend all businesses who think they may qualify to visit the SBCI website for more informatio­n and start their eligibilit­y process at

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 ?? ?? June Butler, CEO of the SBCI
June Butler, CEO of the SBCI

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