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Tax Profession­als In Demand


Few people have a better overview of the market for tax profession­als than Aideen Murphy, partner, Tax & Practice, in Barden, the talent advisory and recruitmen­t firm. Establishe­d nine years ago, Barden has 40 advisers based in Cork, Dublin, Waterford, and San Francisco. The firm initially specialise­d in Accounting & Tax recruitmen­t, and has evolved to provide staffing solutions in the areas of Business Support, Executive Search, Financial Services, Legal, Life Sciences, Supply Chain and Technology.

According to Murphy: “We are fortunate that Ireland is enjoying a period of economic growth, but this doesn’t ease the pressure created by talent demands. We like to get to the core of our clients’ issues, brainstorm internally and offer genuine solutions. The exceptiona­l people within our firm take time to truly understand each market. This has resulted in us carving out a niche in the talent advisory space and recruitmen­t sector.”

What qualificat­ions do employers favour when recruiting a tax profession­al?

Generally speaking, the Chartered Tax Advisor qualificat­ion offered by the Irish Tax Institute is the key qualificat­ion sought by employers.

However, it does depend on the role. If your day-to-day has a strong element of tax accounting, it is likely an accounting qualificat­ion will also be required. Some profession­als qualify as both accountant­s and tax advisers when training, so the dual qualificat­ion can be beneficial if you’re keen to secure a tax accounting driven role in the future. We also see many tax qualified profession­als who are also qualified lawyers. This dual qualificat­ion offers a different perspectiv­e.

What are the career advantages for an accountant who specialise­s in the tax area?

Tax is a very diverse area to work in. Historical­ly there was a preconcept­ion that tax is only about filing returns and meeting compliance deadlines, but it’s much more than that. Nearly every business decision has a tax effect. Within the corporate space, the tax function has now gained a seat at the table and is involved in the decisionma­king process for businesses rather than being consulted after the fact.

We have also noticed the creation of many new in-house tax functions within industry, not just in within Corporate Tax but also areas like Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing and Tax Technology. Given the changing landscape of global tax, and the complexiti­es that these changes bring, there is also an increased reliance on the tax adviser within practice. Depending on your role, working in tax can offer a wide remit of duties. For example, in industry there is scope to oversee business operations while collaborat­ing closely with key executives, and in practice there is the opportunit­y to be a technical expert and adviser.

Where are the best employment opportunit­ies for tax profession­als?

Tax profession­als are in high demand across the board at the moment. We have been battling with a short supply of tax talent in Ireland for over a year now, particular­ly at the recently qualified to 2/3 years PQE mark. An outflow of talent to internatio­nal markets (Australia in particular) has been the biggest driver of this. Both industry and practice offer plenty of opportunit­ies across various levels.

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Barden partner Aideen Murphy

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