Our lo­cally elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives have no power any­more

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Dear Sir,

LOUTH county coun­cil­lors are al­lo­cated tens of mil­lions of Euro of tax­pay­ers money, so why is it they come back year on year look­ing for more, could it be that they are wast­ing our money, if the Louth county Mu­nic­i­pal coun­cil needs more money, does it stand to rea­son, that they may not be in a po­si­tion to meet its obli­ga­tions.

It must be em­pha­sized that there is only one Coun­cil in Louth and it sits in Dun­dalk, Nei­ther Drogheda or Mid Louth has a le­git­i­mated sit­ting coun­cil and this was high­lighted re­cently when County Man­ager Joan Martin re­fused to at­tend any so called coun­cil meet­ings out­side of Dun­dalk.

Most ap­palling of all is the false claim that Drogheda has a le­git­i­mate Mayor, you may see an in­di­vid­ual in red robes and chains but let me be very clear the of­fice of Mayor in Drogheda ceased to ex­ist when all lo­cal power was cen­tralised in Dun­dalk in 2014 by the Labour party and Fine Gael a de­ci­sion they now re­gret and are ac­tively try­ing to re­verse.

Even the Louth Mu­nic­i­pal coun­cil does not recog­nise the mayor of Drogheda as le­git­i­mate yet it costs to the peo­ple of Drogheda up­wards of €20,000 a year.

The un­elected county man­ager holds all the power and not the County chair­man as many are led to be­lieve, the county man­ager has the power to veto any de­ci­sion made by elected of­fi­cials a power that has been used on many oc­ca­sions which is an af­front to Democ­racy.

So our lo­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tives have no power, none, zilch, nada, so don’t be fooled by their protes­ta­tions to the con­trary, it’s all a stage and your part is that of the fall guy. The county man­ager wanted an in­crease in taxes to “....bal­ance the books....” mean­ing our coun­cil is in­sol­vent; they do not man­age our money ap­pro­pri­ately and now they want more!! It is forced through be­cause; threats by the county man­ager of abol­ish­ing the coun­cil by us­ing the Dáil are om­nipresent.

The Louth Mu­nic­i­pal coun­cil like other coun­cils around the coun­try must re­store staff (civil ser­vants) salaries as per an agree­ment.

To do this they want the peo­ple of Drogheda to pay more for park­ing....now to me that is a bit rich to say the least, con­sid­er­ing the same civil ser­vants have free park­ing, it must be re­mem­bered that park­ing me­ters were not in­stalled as a rev­enue, how­ever what we were told at the time was, that park­ing me­ters would be in­stalled and that it would be ex­tended to all parts of the town, we we’re also told by coun­cil­lors that, they would be in­stalled to free up park­ing spa­ces for shop­pers in or­der to en­hance lo­cal busi­ness etc.

We were not told it was in fact a fund­ing pro­gram, also known as a stealth tax, so who are the ser­vants and WHO ARE THE MASTERS? On our po­lit­i­cal stage the fall guy is told one thing at the elec­tions then the civil ser­vants do as they please. Lis­ten­ing to two lo­cal coun­cil­lors on LMFM’s M Reade show Fri­day 19th Oct. de­bat­ing how the money should be used is an ex­am­ple of the wool be­ing pulled over the eyes of us, the fall guy. The idea of park­ing fees as fund­ing rather than serv­ing a func­tion is ce­mented our minds, be­cause no one is ques­tion­ing the lo­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tives about how park­ing has be­come a stealth tax rather than what is sup­posed to do.

The county is in­sol­vent be­cause they have man­aged our money so badly and they will keep com­ing for more. Why does the fall guy vote for such an un­bal­anced sys­tem? There is no ac­count­abil­ity! , but this is not good enough! They ramp up losses and we pay for their short com­ings and we must wait 4yrs to hold them to ac­count.

What we need is a sys­tem of di­rect democ­racy and re­call, a sys­tem they fear be­cause then can be held ac­count­able and fired at any time in the 4yrs. If we had such a sys­tem and they were held ac­count­able how much they waste?

Di­rect Democ­racy is the only sys­tem that puts man­ners on politi­cians the elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives who spend our hard earned money.

With a new po­lit­i­cal sys­tem of Di­rect Democ­racy, the peo­ple are di­rectly in con­trol not the rep­re­sen­ta­tives. Yours, Pat Greene Leader Di­rect Democ­racy Ire­land.

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