Armed check­points leav­ing their mark on youngsters

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Dear Sir,

A trip to the swim­ming pool or Drogheda boys on Mar­leys Lane is not what it used to be. On a re­cent nor­mal visit to the town of Drogheda I had my two chil­dren in the back of the car. A boy 12 and the girl is 8.

The un­armed guard was very pleas­ant and apol­o­gised to the chil­dren and even said we are only do­ing this to keep ev­ery­one safe. But what stuck with my 8 year old girl was the men with black faces and guns. (Emer­gency re­sponse unit) She asked me that night go­ing to bed, why were they there what were they do­ing and would they come af­ter her?

Those peo­ple have chil­dren too I as­sume. They are strong brave peo­ple. But how can the town of Drogheda be dragged into what is es­sen­tially a turf war be­tween tugs. There will hope­fully be only one win­ner. The men with the black hoods who scared my 8 year old daugh­ter. If they fail then our so­ci­ety fails. I wish them well.

My daugh­ter will get over this. But what is hap­pen­ing is evil and dan­ger­ous and is hav­ing an ef­fect on nor­mal peo­ple go­ing about their daily lives.

Yours, Cllr Wayne Hard­ing

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