Lime jelly cus­tard tri­fles

Easy Food Special - - CHEAP THRILLS -

Serves 6

lime jelly tablet (or flavour of your choice)

½ pint boil­ing wa­ter

½ pint cold wa­ter

1 tin of sliced peaches, drained (or fruit of your choice) 250ml ready-made cus­tard

100g short­bread bis­cuits, bro­ken up

1 Add the jelly tablet to the boil­ing wa­ter. Stir the mix­ture to help the jelly tablet to dis­solve in the wa­ter. Then make up to one pint with cold wa­ter. 2 Pour into a glass bowl and leave in the re­frig­er­a­tor to set.

3 Layer the set jelly, tinned fruit and cus­tard into in­di­vid­ual glasses and top with short­bread bis­cuits. Serve chilled.

Puff pas­try, short­bread bis­cuits, tinned fruit, jelly tablets, ready-made cus­tard, and con­densed milk are all good standby in­gre­di­ents for mak­ing a quick dessert.

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