Ais­ling’s Favourite Ti­ramisu

Easy Food Special - - SQUISITO -


175g good-qual­ity sponge cake 175ml espresso/strong cof­fee 3 tbsp of Tia Maria

3 eggs, sep­a­rated

75g caster sugar

250g Castelli Mas­car­pone Cheese 470ml whip­ping cream

1 tbsp vanilla essence

3 tbsp ic­ing sugar

Fresh mint

To serve:

Good-qual­ity plain choco­late 1 Break the sponge cake into a bowl and add the cof­fee and Tia Maria.

2 Whisk to­gether the egg yolks and sugar un­til light and fluffy.

3 Grad­u­ally stir in the Mas­car­pone cheese.

4 In a sep­a­rate bowl, whisk the egg whites un­til thick, then fold them into the Mas­car­pone mix­ture.

5 Ar­range a layer of sponge fin­gers in the bot­tom of the cock­tail glasses and layer with the cheese mix­ture. Re­peat to fill the glasses.

6 Whip the cream with the vanilla essence and ic­ing sugar. Trans­fer to a pip­ing bag and then pipe the cream on top of the mix­ture in the glass.

7 Chill un­til needed; the flavours will fuse to­gether.

8 Gar­nish with choco­late and serve with a sprig of mint.

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