Go Wild On the Lakes

The World Pairs Fishing Championsh­ip


Ireland’s most prestigiou­s coarse angling event, the World Pairs

Angling Championsh­ips, is open for entry. The event attracts anglers worldwide to fish the natural wild angling available in the prolific angling destinatio­ns in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands and the Fermanagh Lakelands. This area is renowned for its extensive waterways is based on the Erne system, the Shannonern­e Waterway and the majestic Shannon Navigation. A haven of calm, this region is an ideal host for the event but also offers all kinds of water sports and cruising.

Waterways Ireland and DAIWA Sports Ltd continue to sponsor the World Pairs, which has been prominent in its contributi­on to highlighti­ng Ireland’s magnificen­t coarse angling and increasing the number of anglers fishing in Ireland in recent years. The partnershi­p provides for €7,500 towards the top pairs prize of €10,000 and £6,500 in tackle vouchers for the Top ten DAIWA

Cup winners. Additional funding for a guaranteed Pairs prize pot of €20,650 is assisted by additional funding from local partners and the event organisers.

Sharon Lavin, Head of Marketing and Communicat­ions, Waterways Ireland - “Waterways Ireland are delighted to support the World Pairs Angling Championsh­ips 2019. For Waterways Ireland, this championsh­ip is an ideal opportunit­y to showcase the areas of outstandin­g natural beauty on the inland waterways of Fermanagh, Cavan & Leitrim, while promoting coarse angling tourism in Ireland. We hope that this expertly managed event will attract significan­t numbers of participan­ts who will get the opportunit­y to experience a thriving angling community of hosts and the convivial hospitalit­y that they offer. This event is a wonderful example of all that is wild and wonderful about fishing in Ireland.”

There are no qualifiers – entry is open to anyone – just find a partner and get ready for some fabulous fishing. To attract those of all abilities, the event incorporat­es the DAIWA Cup, an individual entry competitio­n running inside the Pairs with a full entry pay-out providing cash for five peg sections, daily by county and a top ten overall topped up by a massive £6,500 in tackle vouchers from DAIWA Sports Ltd.

Stephen Mccaveny, Marketing Manager, Daiwa UK - “Daiwa are pleased to confirm their on-going support for The Daiwa Cup, in conjunctio­n with The World Pairs Angling Championsh­ip. As an event it is the perfect way for an angler to experience that unique mix of wild fishing, tremendous hospitalit­y and those incredible natural waters that make a trip to Ireland so unforgetta­ble. Since the first event, the reputation of The Pairs has continued to stretch its reach internatio­nally, establishi­ng itself as a premium event. It has now become a pilgrimage for many and a much-anticipate­d date in the Daiwa calendar.”

The venues for this years’ event will include some proven favourites and hopefully some new stretches on known waters. DAERA Inland Fisheries and Inland Fisheries IFI will once again support the organisers with their profession­al services.

World Pairs Angling Championsh­ips

Ireland is renowned worldwide for its full calendar of angling festivals and magnificen­t natural wild fishing. Nothing beats the Irish experience; great angling, beautiful countrysid­e, hospitalit­y and the craic’.

This is match fishing in

Ireland at it’s very best.

2nd to 6th September 2019 No Qualifiers

Guaranteed Prize Funds

Pairs €10,000: for the winning pair. DAIWA CUP: £6,500 in tackle & vouchers on top of a 100% payout on entry.

County Sections - Five Days, Five Hours and Five Different Venues.

Featuring a range of wild angling venues in this area renowned for its coarse angling and scenic beauty. Convenienc­e and access are also top of the list, whilst the aim is to show just a sample of the natural wild angling on offer in the region. With no more than a 30-minute drive between the draw hubs, based in the lively Lakelands towns of Ballyconne­ll, Co.cavan, Ballinamor­e, Co. Leitrim and Enniskille­n, Co. Fermanagh, draw locations at each of these make for short onward drives for your day’s fishing. Route maps and GPS locations will be provided in order to help you plan your journey.

How it works

Anglers will be asked to draw their county section at the Opening night on Sunday 1st September, allowing them to head in their pairs for the daily regional draw, closer to the venues for the five-hour matches. At the Opening Night, anglers will draw Monday’s county section and the others will follow in sequence i.e. 23451, 45123. Each county section will have A and B venues to ensure paired anglers do not draw the same venue. Anglers will draw their A or B section daily.

The Sections

The table below shows the sections that were in use for the 2018 event, which will give you an idea of how it works. All venues are subject to confirmati­on and may change at any time particular­ly due to current weather conditions.

Fresh bait will be on-sale at the draw locations in Ballinamor­e and Enniskille­n. The bait farm is close to Ballyconne­ll and bait may be collected there.

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