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Bell X1 Plot Anniversar­y Residency


Bell X1 celebrate twenty years of fine music making with five consecutiv­e nights in their Vicar St. home from home commencing March 21. Tickets are €36.50.

“20 years! Jaysus!” Paul Noonan reflects. “It’s kinda snuck up on us, but we thought it might be a chance to revisit the early records, in a room where we feel we’ve grown up and made friends.”

Each night will have a very different vibe and set-list:

Wednesday March 21 - Neither Am I (full album & more, seated show) Thursday March 22 - Music In Mouth (full album & more, standing show) Friday March 23 - Flock (full album & more, standing show)

Saturday March 24 - Greatest Hits (full band, standing show)

Sunday March 25- Bell X1 Acoustic-ish with the acoustic trio, seated show)

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