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Spinning in the Name of... Jon Hussey

We catch up with veteran Irish DJ Jon Hussey for a chat about his upcoming plans.


Can you tell us about the early days of your career?

Þ firsÌ residencÞ Üas aÌ olumLia ills and iÌ Üas an amazing time for electronic music. You could hear a Detroit-style tune alongside tracks from labels like R&S, Rising High and Sabres Of Paradise. The club also had a c…ill‡ouÌÉamLien­Ì yoor Üi̅ residenÌ aÛe learÞ° Endless sound possibilit­ies were explored, and you could hear the likes of Philip Glass, Biosphere and Exit 100 played at varying pitches!

How has the scene evolved over the past two decades?

There have always been smaller, dedicated techno nights outside the mainstream radar; the likes of D:Fuse, ElectricCi­ty and Bastardo Electrico. They have helped pave the way for the current wave of promoters like Subject, Index, District 8, Techno & Cans and Epoch, all of which can now function on a healthy level, with a similar ethos.

Tell us about your role in setting up the DJ Techniques and Music Production course at BIFE.

Electro maestro Kenneth Harte, Davey Splyce of All City Records and myself developed and kickstarte­d the course back in 2001. We all had a deep love of music and tech, and we put our passion and knowledge into it. It quickly became something greater than we could have expected and it’s still growing. That passion is still there today with the guys who took up the mantle, Sunil Sharpe and Paddy O’Halpin.

Tell us about your forthcomin­g release on RLSD.

̽s acÌuallÞ mÞ firsÌ solo release] and iÌ feels reallÞ great to put out a track on an Irish label. Especially as it’s alongside Fran Hartnett and Rory St John, who have been producing brilliant techno for many years now. Topping it off nicely is the remix from Takaaki Itoh – one of my all-time favourite producers.

Any other releases/projects we should keep an eye out for?

I plan to establish and launch a new label that will enaLle me Ìo «uÌ ouÌ mÞ solo «roducÌions q ̅e firsÌ release will be towards the end of January 2018. Jon Hussey plays Index, Dublin (November 17) and

Cyprus Avenue, Cork (December 1).

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