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Lucinda Williams’ This Sweet Old

World, released 25 years ago, tends to be overshadow­ed by its follow-up, Car Wheels On A Gravel

Road. It’s an understand­able state of affairs, given that the latter is an acknowledg­ed classic which won a Grammy and made Rolling Stone’s

“greatest albums of all time” list. Still, it’s a shame, as This Sweet

Old World – with its meditation­s on suicide, and timeless songs such as ‘Little Angel, ‘Little

Brother’ and ‘Pineola’ – warrants further attention. Williams’ manager/husband Tom Overby certainly thought so, pitching the idea of this complete re-recording. Williams was initially reluctant, the original process having been plagued by an unsympathe­tic record company. However, the singer changed her mind once she and her crack touring band started into it.

In the intervenin­g years, Williams has released a pretty much flawless series of records, honing her sound, as her voice grew to match her resolutely adult songwritin­g.

It’s that voice, and an all round tougher production, which make this worth having. Opener ‘Six Blocks Away’ is transforme­d from something that might have suited The Bangles on a good day, to a chiming beauty that the late Tom Petty would have been proud to call his own.

‘Something About What

Happens When We Touch’, one of Williams’ absolute classics in its original form, is now imbued with a greater longing, carried by her haunting vibrato. The title track, a love letter to the departed, is recast as an even more affecting elegy, the equal of Emmylou Harris’s breathless reading on

OUT NOW / PAT CARTY 1995’s Wrecking Ball. Her cover of Nick Drake’s ‘Which Will’, meanwhile, is now a late night, country soul epic.

If you’re a fan of Williams, and you really should be, you’re on safe ground here. I love the original, but this is even better.

 ??  ?? This Sweet Old World
‘Six Blocks Away’
This Sweet Old World 20 HIGHWAY RECORDS ‘Six Blocks Away’ 8/10

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