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You might think that making the step up from taking photos on a smartphone to a dedicated camera – especially one with a separate lens – is a bit daunting. But that’s definitely not the case with the Canon EOS M100 which delivers superb quality photos and movies that are packed with detail, colour and atmosphere in a surprising­ly compact package. The M100 is a doddle to navigate. The flip-up screen is intuitive, featuring a simple range of on-screen instructio­ns, so you can master shooting modes and settings in no time. The touchscree­n has similar to functions to a smartphone. Swipe through images and zoom in and out in playback mode with a simple pinching action. The icons are easy to find and the creative filters bring an extra layer of pictorial beauty.

Whether you want to blur the background or brighten your subject, EOS M100 guides you through the motions. Smooth Skin mode can be applied in five different levels for an enhanced glow, whether in selfie mode or while taking a snap of your friends. It’s an ideal set-up for budding vloggers.

Despite this camera’s accessibil­ity, it doesn’t compromise on technology. The camera starts up in the blink of the eye, so you’ll be ready to shoot passing moments as soon as they capture your attention. There’s no compromise when it comes to image quality. Whether shooting in low light, or in the brightest sun, the camera takes crisp, vivid photos. Even moving images retain clarity. After mastering the basics, you can move from landscape to portrait, and other areas of advanced photograph­y simply, by changing the lens. Canon’s compatible EF and EF-S lenses are small, lightweigh­t, and portable.

Connectivi­ty is catered for too. Onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allows you to upload images to Instagram and Facebook. You can transfer images directly to your phone using the Canon Camera Connect app, on iOS and Android devices, without touching the camera. The connection also allows you to back up photos and movies onto the Cloud or Canon’s own photo storage app - Irista.

Canon EOS M100 is available in black and white with a choice of nine jacket colours, bringing fashion to your photograph­y - even on windy afternoon in Waterford.

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