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For a couple of years, I was genuinely hooked on the Call Of

Duty games; Modern Warfare was the one that really got me into it. Everything pretty much started with that one. It was always an extremely social game for me. My mates and I got the game, so we would make sure to be online at the same time on any given day. We were properly organised, just to guarantee that we could all join the same team and go around trying to be the elite team. That was real good fun.

I had always been a bit of a gamer, nor necessaril­y a crazy one, but I did play a good bit on the Sega Megadrive and Nintendo when they first came out. The first games for me were Mortal Kombat and Sonic The Hedgehog, and once it shifted to the online world,

I did a bit of Grand Theft Auto. But honestly, there was never anything that properly had me until Call of

Duty: Modern Warfare.

That game could have me up until five or six in the morning. It was an almost unhealthy phase for about a year. I remember going to bed and closing my eyes, and I could still see the game going on while I was half asleep. Of course, eventually this stopped. The newer games just didn’t do it for me, and I really felt I had better things to do with my life. Since then, there hasn’t been anything to actually match the stories and gameplay of Modern

Warefare though. It’s always going to be the number one. Chris Haze’s new single

‘Say Goodybe’ is out now.

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