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“I took an interest in ballet.”


things and throws stuff and yells. Steve muscles the dolly around. Zack Snyder directs. Ben Affleck keeps it real. Gal Gadot slays fools and keeps it hyper-awesome. It’s like a Walt Whitman poem. Everyone’s got their thing and when everybody simply trusts in their own power, as well as in each other’s powers, we can really make things happen.”

To prepare to play the fastest being on the planet, Miller spent years researchin­g and physically training to portray The Flash’s movement in a unique and thoughtful way.

“I practised martial arts for two years, and even trained for a while in the Wudang mountains in China,” he reveals. “To better understand The Flash’s movements, I worked with several dancers and choreograp­hers. I took an interest in ballet and found a lot that was useful in the form of petit allegro – ‘little fast’ – which consists of quick, lively and small jumps. I was also inspired by crows, cheetahs, mongooses and other fast-moving and intelligen­t creatures, as well as rushing water and, of course, lightning.”

Though the past decade has seen cinema become saturated with comic book adaptation­s, Miller believes that Justice League will prove particular­ly prescient, and affect audience members deeply.

“Obviously, Justice League is a fun comic book movie,” muses Miller, “but any story that reminds us of the simple, core truth that we are all living together on this Earth, and of this Earth, is welcome. We are experienci­ng quite a crisis on this prime planet of ours, and in many cases, it seems that we respond to crises by isolating ourselves in the groups we identify with most readily, which further deepens the trenches of our division. Transcendi­ng our difference­s and coming together to accomplish a seemingly impossible task – saving our world – is an imperative. We need one big internatio­nal justice league and we need most people to join.”

 ??  ?? Flash bang wallop: Ezra with his Justice League cohorts & in geek mode
Flash bang wallop: Ezra with his Justice League cohorts & in geek mode
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