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Tony Barrell

Omnibus Press Exploring one of the most iconic moments in music history, this chronicles the Fab Four’s final live performanc­e, atop the Apple Corp building in London. Though seemingly a spontaneou­s event, Barrell details the meticulous planning that went into the setpiece, which took place in January 1969 as the band – not to mention the world – appeared on the brink of implosion. Building its narrative around the political climate (Vietnam, student riots, Martin Luther

King’s assassinat­ion), he also reflects on how the foundation of Apple Corps, the death of

Brian Epstein, and John Lennon’s heroin addiction – not to mention waywardnes­s as a result of meeting Yoko Ono – made the gig the legendary event it became. The

Beatles On The Roof is less a book about the group, than a cinematic take on the ‘60s in decline and the creation of a grand legacy.

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