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Edited by Kevin Barry and Olivia Smith

Curlew Editions

Winter Papers 3, an A4-shaped thing of cloth-bound beauty, is an annual arts anthology containing stories, interviews, essays, reportage, and black-and-white photograph­s. Covering almost every facet of the arts in Ireland, it is edited by author Kevin Barry and his wife Olivia Smith, an academic.

Among this year’s eclectic highlights are award-winning author Sara Baume’s meeting with visual artist Dorothy Cross; Paul Lynch’s tale ‘The Alphabet Of Trees’; ‘Tigers In Leitrim’, a poem by Roisin Kelly; and ‘Guest Book Of The Nation’, a story by Kevin Gildea.

In a time when, as Barry says, “our creative work seems to be of so little consequenc­e|, he emits a battle cry for artists and writers to “get back to the centre of the action”. Winter Papers 3 is a step in that direction; it is sublime.

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