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Eoin Mackin

Ward River Press

Surprising­ly, for a man better known for his turns on BBC’s

Merlin and RTÉ’s Fair City (some things will always stay with you), Eoin Macken is a writer with an incredibly lucid vision. His first book Kingdom Of Scars resonated with a generation of young adults, who didn’t realise they’d been missing a good Irish coming-ofage story in their lives.

Hunter And The Grape is a similar affair, in that it follows the lives of a group of young wanderers trying to carve out their dreams. Aesthetica­lly, Mackin is on familiar territory; the road the characters are on – taking them from the Middle America to Los Angeles – is a well-trodden one in fiction. Nonetheles­s, while the idea might not be the most original, the characters are relatable, their stories are involving, and the book remains highly enjoyable throughout.

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