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“Will you still be manager of Hot Press

Munchengla­dbach 1891 next week?” the man from the Daily Tzar asked, with an impudent look on his face.

“If what you are implying is that I have been approached by Real Madrid about whether or not I would be interested, in the event of a vacancy arising, as a result of the departure of Zinedine Zidane – which may or may not happen, depending on the answer I give them – then I will simply confirm that yes, there was a call. And yes I am considerin­g an offer from a club, which shall not be named. The fact is that I promised the hierarchy at the Bernabéu that I would say nothing to anybody, and so my lips are totally sealed.”

And with that he left the room, amid commotion and uproar, as one voice shouted “So you really might be going to Sunderland!”

The season is young yet. fine victory for an excellent side.

“I am not going to complain about the referee,” Hot Press player manager Niall Stokes told his customary post match media conference. “Not at all. Nor will I complain about the fact that he seemed to be impressed by one of the Phoenix players making 'sweet lurve' to the ball on the edge of our box.

"Indeed, in the normal course of a day,” he added after a short, thoughtful pause, "I have no problem whatsoever with anyone engaging in horizontal gymnastics with spherical objects of a rubber-ish variety, if that is their won’t. It takes all sports. But should the opposition in a football game of crucial internatio­nal importance be in a position to derive benefit from the liberal view which we generally take on such matters? Should the referee allow things of this nature to happen on the actual pitch in front of a huge television audience? These are the questions that we will be asking of Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, in a special letter that will be winging its way to his office as soon as this media conference is over.” There was a bitter wind blowing and a low sun in the sky when the Mighty Men of Hot Press Munchengla­dbach 1891 travelled to Ashtown, to take on Phoenix FC (nothing to do with the new children’s hospital).

A cup tie, it was a a high tempo affair, with both sides playing excellent football. Phoenix – featuring former Hot Press-er David Stanley in the centre of midfield – in particular were passing the ball well on their home turf.

However defences remained, as they say, on top. Keeper Mark Hogan, Axel Balvanera, Caio Ribas and Javier Castro were outstandin­g for

Hot Press. But when the 90 minutes ended, it was still 0-0.

In extra time, the game fluctuated wildly with both teams fashioning half chances. However, just one minute from final whistle, disaster struck. In fairness, a Phoenix player lay on the ball, and two Hot Press defenders declined to put the boot in. Most referees would blow the whistle. instead, the official allowed the attacker to scramble up. Amid the confusion, another Phoenix player got a shot off. it was a superb strike that ended in the top corner. 1-0. It was a

 ??  ?? Hot Press the recent Munchengla­dbach fixture vs before
Mourne Celtic.
Hot Press the recent Munchengla­dbach fixture vs before Mourne Celtic.

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