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Your hero of 2017? Joe Canning, the Galway hurler. He is a machine. Even after winning the All-Ireland, he was down on the pitch signing autographs for all of these kids and he did not leave until everyone was taken care of.

Villain of 2017? Harry Styles. It doesn’t get more villainous than a One Direction guy putting out a song called ‘Kiwi’ at the same time that the Gallagher Brothers are putting out albums.

Best personal moment? Falling offstage every night while playing St. Jimmy in the American

Idiot musical.

Best movie?

T2: Trainspott­ing 2. I’m a film buff, and I have to say this wins it, because it was so well-plotted. There was the savage soundtrack with The Prodigy’s remix of ‘Lust For Life’ and then ‘Slow Slippy’. It was nostalgia, but also when it comes to the comedy factor, there is nothing better than the ‘No More Catholics Left’ scene.

Best record? On the Irish front, I was delighted for The Coronas going to number one, but the best albums were Otherkin’s OK and Fangclub’s debut.

Best TV programme?

Game Of Thrones.

Best book?

Ciara’s Diary by Ciara King. I read a lot, but this has that homage to your inner-adolescenc­e. It brings you back to a time when you were this naïve teen. It’s remarkable. She really ticked off every box for me when I read it.

Best thing about the year? It’s the Irish music scene. We are in a healthy place. Internatio­nally, you’re seeing The Coronas, but locally there are so many other great bands like Soulé and Columbia Mills. The year’s been huge for them. People are more into our music now. Even as U2 come home, people are just so into what is actually happening here at the moment. It’s just good that we’re going back to where we were in the 1980s. Your hope for next year? I’d like to see more action and less talk, politicall­y. We’re a country with problems surroundin­g rent, the cost of living and homelessne­ss. Even back where I’m from in Ballinaslo­e, Galway, it is hard for people to get houses.

What tickled your funnybone? How Ireland reacted to Hurricane Ophelia with so many ridiculous memes was one, but the great highlight was Chris Quinn, the guy from Wicklow at Wimbledon. He went down during the Women’s Doubles and hopped into Kim Clijsters’ skirt. The match is still in progress, and he just goes out onto the field. It signifies the importance of the Irish in the world. We are the messers.

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