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Like how a piece of Sellotape helped to expose the Watergate scandal, a single tweet from an observant citizen in London created a much larger conspiracy in the world of hacking, when on March 9, one Ian Stubbings was walking down South Kensington. Noticing a familiar face exiting the Ecuadorian embassy, which has served as Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s refuge since

2012, Stubbings tweeted “Genuine scoop: Just saw Nigel Farage enter the Ecuadorian embassy.”

By chance, the tweet was read by a Buzzfeed reporter, who was able to arrive at the building in time to spot the former-UKIP leader exiting 40 minutes later. And with this, a new narrative in the alleged collusion between Russian officials and the Trump administra­tion was formulated. Instant speculatio­n began to bubble over whether Farage was acting as a messenger between Wikileaks and the White House.

With both Assange and Farage regular faces on the Russian stateowned news channel, RT, the image of him attempting to exit the embassy unnoticed had White House press correspond­ents snapping at everyone’s favourite ex-White House Easter Bunny / White House Press Secretary, Sean “Holocaust Centre” Spicer.

“I have no idea, no,” Spicer responded with awkward laughter. “I have my own concerns here keeping track of what everyone’s doing. I generally don’t worry what’s going on across the pond.”

Of course, nobody would believe Spicer knew otherwise. However, in the eyes of many, this inserted Assange’s hacking empire into the axis of right-wing populism. Farage would later ridicule the allegation­s of acting as a go-between on his LBC radio show, noting one of his producers had accompanie­d him. Insisting he was there for the sake of potentiall­y featuring Assange on the show, the main fault in his answer was the very fact that the famously media-shy Assange (cough) has not yet made an appearance on The Nigel Farage Show.

The whole scenario seemed behind us all, until it emerged that

Donald Trump Jr had correspond­ed with Wikileaks privately on Twitter on September 20, 2016 informing him of “A PAC run anti-Trump site”, which was set to launch. Confirming speculatio­n that Assange et al are sympatheti­c to such populist movements, again it raises questions over why the man who believes in transparen­cy uber alles has kept tight lipped all this time on meeting with such a considerab­le Trump ally.

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