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The Twomeys Forced Into Exile


Vera Twomey escaped with a warning in April when she flew into Dublin with the cannabis-based medicine she needs to prevent her daughter, Ava, having up to 25 seizures a day.

Accompanyi­ng her on the flight from Barcelona were TD Gino Kelly and MEP Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan who told us, “Down through history, it’s taken people like Vera Twomey to change things. Politician­s can do this, that and the other, but unless there’s somebody directly effected by it who speaks up, it never changes.”

With Ava’s medicine still proscribed here, Vera has been forced to move with her to the Hague in Holland whilst her husband, Paul, and three other young children remain at home in Agherbullo­gue, County Cork.

Updating Hot Press on eight-year-old Ava’s progress, Vera says: “Her health has improved beyond recognitio­n since she got here. Ava’s life was in imminent danger from the seizures. Without the CBD she began last October, I don’t think she’d be here now.

“I know for a fact, though, that she misses her dad, her brother and sisters and my mam, her nanna, very much,” Vera continues. “They came over for the few days of the mid-term break, and Ava couldn’t get the words out quick enough; she had so much to say to them. She made more progress while they were here, and was quite distressed when they had to go back.”

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 ??  ?? Vera with (left) Luke Flanagan and (right) Gino Kelly
Vera with (left) Luke Flanagan and (right) Gino Kelly

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