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From the profound and insightful to the humorous, offbeat and just plain outrageous – here’s what they had to say to Hot Press in 2017. Compiled by Paul Nolan


From the profound and insightful to the humorous, offbeat and just plain outrageous – here’s what they had to say to Hot Press in 2017.


I’m not one of these Americans or Canadians obsessed with my European heritage. I don’t go to a St. Patty’s Day parade in a sweater.

Martha Wainwright I’m a vaper these days, and I don’t hit the whiskey as often as I would like. But I still had six pints of Guinness for dinner last night.

Guy Garvey We had to cancel travelling up to Belfast when a death threat was phoned through with a credible paramilita­ry code word attached to it. Keith Donald on touring with Moving Hearts Things have changed. I’m long in the tooth, and I don’t really buy into this rock and roll bullshit. Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson on enjoying success in his forties

I always loved the ’50s rockabilly style, but it got to the point where I practicall­y felt like I was dressing up as this character called Imelda May before every gig.

Imelda May My stage persona was more Rab C Nesbitt than Iggy Pop. The Jesus And Mary Chain’s Jim Reid on his ’80s onstage antics Festivals can be a levelling experience… You’re at the food stand waiting for your breakfast while Chris Martin and Gwyneth decide whether they want boiled eggs or mashed potatoes.

Bell X1’s Paul Noonan

Primal Scream supported us and they were shocked at Dave’s behaviour. Which is really saying something!

Depeche Mode’s Fletch We tend to just stay in our own little world down here. Though you cannot help but see Trump on the fucking news every day of the week. Walking On Cars’ Patrick Sheehy on recording in the band’s Dingle base

It’s the abdication of a centre-left party in Britain that’s so disgusting, because it allows the extreme right to foment. Manic Street Preachers’ Nicky Wire It’s like asking Magic Johnson to throw the ball. Thundercat on collaborat­ing with Kendrick Lamar I’d written that song when I was still doing my summer exams. Then a few months later it’s up against Niall Horan and James Vincent McMorrow. Soulé on ‘Love No More’ getting a Choice Prize nomination Axl has never sounded better and we’re tighter and more focused than ever. Gun N’ Roses’ Richard Fortus on the band’s reunion tour I’ve never had a 16-year-old girl sending me death threats, because I’m not an original member! Things like that took getting used to.

Former GNR guitarist Bumblefoot Without Ireland, man, there wouldn’t be half the fucking

amazing Kasabian’s rock Tom and Meighan roll there is! When we got to the studio for the first time, we found a champagne bottle celebratin­g David’s birthday – it actually said, ‘David Bowie’s birthday champagne’. Blondie’s Clem Burke on recording the band’s album 2QNNKPCVQT|at the Magic Shop in New York It fucking annoys me that a fella in a suit won’t let us use the medicinal qualities of cannabis that could help tens of thousands of people around the land with all sorts of different ailments.

Damien Dempsey The Kendrick collaborat­ion has fit perfectly, in a way, into the trajectory of launching the record… Hip-hop is more actively engaged politicall­y. The Edge on U2’s collaborat­ion with Kendrick Lamar, ‘XXX’ You don’t think David giving head to Ronno’s guitar happened by accident, Stuart? Angie Bowie talks to Stuart Clark about that iconic photo of Bowie and Mick Ronson It was Robert Plant who came over and asked to have his picture taken with Stormzy rather than the other way around.

Stormzy’s manager Tobe Unwuka Bono Band Aid asked 30 me and if I I said, was going ‘Only if to I do can sing Royal your Blood’s line.’ Ben Thatcher Lisa Hannigan is one of the most interestin­g voices in music. I love what she did with that Seamus Heaney poem.

The National’s Bryce Dessner The first time I ever listened to Nirvana, that pretty much rewired me into who I became.

Fangclub’s Steven King In Los Angeles, I spent a lot of time in Flying Lotus’s house. He’s a wizard and wizards attract other wizards.

Shabazz Palaces’ Ishmael Butler The atmosphere at those gigs was incredible, because all the people who got tickets were so up for it. Seeing Nine Inch Nails with 300 other people – when does that ever happen? The Horrors’ Josh Hayward on supporting NIN We were all shocked, fucking shocked. That was not one I saw coming at all. Dave Grohl on the death of Chris Cornell I think Nevermind still sounds as fresh and vital now as it did when we first made it.

Butch Vig You’ve got fun stuff like the Rubberband­its, and old stuff like Blondie and Queen, which are quite anthemic and sum up the guys’ journey. Irvine Welsh on the soundtrack for Trainspott­ing

2 Comedy right now is so important, to tell the truth. But it is also about escapism.

Lego Batman Movie star Zach

Galifianak­is I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best film actors: Lee Marvin, Marcello Mastroiann­i – and I’d put Brendan Gleeson alongside them. Brendan Gleeson is one of the best film actors around.

John Boorman I really don’t like guns. I don’t get a kick out of them.

Cillian Murphy The way Travis acts out this violent fantasy in the film was so disturbing to people… But that was a time when you could get a personal film like that made.

Martin Scorsese on Taxi

Driver If you keep doing Iron Man and

Superman, you’re going to get Iron Man in the White House.

Jim Sheridan This is the first time he presents himself as Saul Goodman, which Better is Call actually Saul kind star of Bob fun. Odenkirk season on the show’s third He would have felt ashamed had he not joined the IRA at the time, when his community was under attack. Colm Meaney on Martin McGuinness Feminism is all about choice and freedom and equality, and this is something that Wonder

Woman represents.

Gal Gadot I wanted to live in a house, because we were always in apartments. I envisioned myself walking in with

a briefcase. Will Ferrell on

his movie The

House When I was young, I got into an altercatio­n with a girl at a bar and, before I knew it, I threw a punch.

Charlize Theron You can’t smoke, you can’t eat gluten, you can’t fuck anymore because there’s AIDS… for fuck’s sake!

Beatrice Dalle Some of the crimes Ed Kemper committed are truly astonishin­g. Cutting his mother’s head off for example.

Mindhunter star Holt


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