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After tragedy comes the farce, this time in the form of the Conor McGregor versus Floyd Mayweather boxing match in Las Vegas on August 26. First and foremost, this was an event for the media – the match was merely a backdrop. Racially charged shots were fired by McGregor in the lead-up as he barked “Dance for me boy” at Mayweather. Afterwards, he also declared “I turned him into a Mexican tonight”; suffice to say, few ethnic groups were left unoffended.

Ultimately, the Irish fighter lasted ten rounds before Mayweather took him out; the coins gave McGregor enough energy to smile – or maybe it was the mild traumatic brain injury he sustained. Of course, that is contested. Where referee Robert Byrd sees concussion, McGregor sees “this patch where… I get a little wobbly, but it’s more fatigue.” Regardless, this “fatigue” has since led one Irish doctor to conclude any more boxing might result in fatal “fatigue” or death – and as such, here’s hoping McGregor can return to the safer game of MMA.

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