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In the actual field of boxing, Ireland’s Olympic champion Katie Taylor gave the Irish a real reason to feel that the year in sports had a satisfying conclusion. Facing off with Anahi Sanchez in Cardiff for the title of WBA female lightweigh­t, her record of 7-0 meant the Bray boxer headed in as the hot favourite.

Still, it was a strange atmosphere going into the match, as her Argentinea­n opponent was too heavy to meet the lightweigh­t standards. As such, this meant for Sanchez that whether she won or lost, she was going to lose her belt.

Neverthele­ss, Katie gave a performanc­e to remember, proving both Sanchez and her manager wrong after they repeatedly said she lacked “the experience” to be world champion.

Next up, Taylor takes on Jessica McCaskill on December 3.

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