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Director Denis Villeneuve is a philosophe­r, tackling personal, social and metaphysic­al issues with grace and power. His sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi classic takes the themes of technology, power, autonomy and soul and pushes them even further, against a backdrop of such mind-blowing visuals that the only possible reaction is genuine awe. Ryan Gosling plays K, a limited-timespan replicant police officer who embarks on a journey of personal and political revelation – and possible revolution. Roger Deakins’ cinematogr­aphy is jaw-droppingly beautiful, conveying the phenomenal scale of Villeneuve’s dystopian vision. The sumptuous CGI is goose bump inducing in its realism and innovation, exploring issues of artificial intelligen­ce and intimacy. An excellent performanc­e by Harrison Ford further elevates this stunning contemplat­ion of identity, power and human rights.

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