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Tomi Reichental is a Holocaust survivor, who aged 10 escaped the inhumane and unimaginab­le horrors of the Nazi Death

Camps, and has lived in Ireland since 1959. After celebratin­g his 80th birthday in a Dublin mosque, Tomi embarks upon a journey across Europe, shedding light on the turmoil still being inflicted upon so many people. Addressing SS war criminals, Muslim people affected by the 1995 Bosnian genocide, and Syrian refugees, Tomi unearths the deep xenophobia that links them all. Irish xenophobia against refugees comes under fire, as our history is filled with oppression and emigration, yet we refuse to help people desperate for refuge. The film’s call for empathy, social responsibi­lity, and resistance of bigotry feels incredibly prescient. “We are all possible victims,” muses Tomi, “but also possible perpetrato­rs, possible bystanders.”

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