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To watch a Yorgos Lanthimos film is to enter a world with its own bizarre logic.

In his latest film, The Killing Of A Sacred

Deer, the world’s unique rationale centres on ideas of justice and consequenc­e. When surgeon and family man Steve (Colin Farrell) is judged to have failed in his duty to protect life, he must make an unthinkabl­e choice to make things right. At once absurd and terrifying, the psychologi­cal dread that surrounds Steven’s decision-making process results in a deeply unnerving but often uproarious journey. Lanthimos’ social code – one that includes a lack of shame surroundin­g sex, the body and sharing impolite opinions – lead to a quick form of intimacy, which is often a source of surprising humour. As the unlikely source of Steven’s dilemma, Irish actor Barry Keoghan’s performanc­e is revelatory, simultaneo­usly charming and chilling, matterof-factly manoeuvrin­g through the deliciousl­y perverse twists and turns. A wonderfull­y terrible treat.

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