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There’s always been something quaint about the cultural idea of ghosts as bedsheet-clad beings; reducing these manifestat­ions of mortality to images of soiled domesticit­y. This absurd blend of terror, cliché and comedy is what director David Lowery perfectly deploys in A Ghost

Story. When a man dies, he returns as a sheet-clad spectre, haunting his modest Texas home. Now operating outside of time, he experience­s the past, present and future of the house he loved; an experience that shows him the cosmic (in) significan­ce of emotion, connection and individual life. Filmed in a 1:33:1 ratio, the movie itself feels as if it’s trying to break free of physical restraints, while the nonlinear timeline creates a sense of meaning beyond the convention­al chronology of a single arc or lifetime. Affleck warning again, unfortunat­ely, but he is hidden under a sheet which could lessen discomfort.

 ??  ?? The unforgetta­ble satire: Get Out
The unforgetta­ble satire: Get Out

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