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Twin Peaks star Amy Sheils reveals all in our legendary questionna­ire.

Who would be the last person you would invite to your birthday party? A politics enthusiast – these are challengin­g times. Who would be the first person you would invite to your birthday party? My friends Roisin O’Driscoll and Barry Flanagan. They make me laugh just thinking about them, and have travelled far and wide to support me, many times.

Favourite saying? “Better to be there you are than where are you” – my dad had a unique way of giving compliment­s.

Favourite record? A tie between The Last Shadow Puppets, Dean Martin and Hall And Oates.

Favourite book?

The Happiness Advantage

by Shawn Achor. Why focus on the problem when you can focus on the solution?

Favourite film?


A Frenchman playing a Scotsman, a Scotsman playing a Spanish prince – and neither actor even attempts to use the correct accent. (Also, the Queen soundtrack.)

Favourite author? Mark Frost. You never know what’s coming next.

Favourite actor / actress? Vivienne Leigh, for her commitment to characters, her voice, and that face!

Favourite musician? Roger O’Donnell of The Cure. He’s the keyboard king.

Most embarrassi­ng moment of your life?

Why would I want to perpetuate it?!

Favourite food/drink/stimulant? All the foods. Half and Half in Earl Grey Tea. More of the foods please.

TV programme?

Twin Peaks.

Favourite TV personalit­y?

Kermit the Frog. That guy.

Favourite item of clothing? I acquired a new pair of Levis recently, and think I’ve worn them every day since. Hmm… I should probably give them a wash…

Most desirable date? Someone who makes me laugh, makes me feel beautiful and never thinks I’ve had enough to eat.

Favourite method of relaxation?

Meditation. Twice a day, every day. If you weren’t pursuing your present career, what other career might you have chosen? I had wanted to work with horses. However, after singing on stage last month, all I want to do with my life is become a superstar pop/ rock/any type of singing icon.

Biggest thrill? Booking work. I always think my last gig will be my last gig.

Biggest disappoint­ment? Adulting. Thought it was going to be so much more fun.

Your concept of heaven?

Happiness shared with everyone I love.

Your concept of hell?

Sadness shared without anyone I love.

What would be your dying words?


Greatest ambition? To look back on my life and be happy with how I lived. Period of history you’d most like to have lived in and why?

An imaginary time that never happened. If we are going to make things up here, I’d like to create that dream. If you weren’t a human being which animal would you have chosen to be? I’d always thought a giraffe, but now that I live in LA, I’m thinking a Bel Air rescue puppy. If you were told that the world was ending tomorrow morning you react/what would you do?

John! Shannon! Banana. Cream. Pie. Your nominee for the world’s best-dressed person? My dad. He always wore a suit. Every. Single. Day.

Favourite term of abuse? Is there a better word than the f word out there?

Biggest fear?

Not giving anyone any ammunition here.

Humanity’s most useful invention?


Humanity’s most useless invention? Meh, they all brought happiness to at least the person who invented it I hope.

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