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I had this idea that I wanted to become a writer, and if you’re in that sort of mood, A Portrait

Of The Artist presents such a great model with the Dedalus character.

Jeffrey Eugenides

The Blood Miracles was more of a thriller, more like a traditiona­l gangster novel. Lisa McInerney on her second novel

This leftie, hippy hype about equilibriu­m in relationsh­ips; it’s bollocks!

June Caldwell

To uncover those details about those people was surprising, exciting, sad and moving in all sorts of ways. Lizzie Goodman on her account of the noughties NYC rock scene, Meet Me In The


You were getting trained cameramen and sound technician­s, as well as the sleazy end of it, which was dirty old men with cameras. Throbbing Gristle’s Cosey Fanni Tutti on acting in erotic movies, which she explored in her memoir Art Sex Music

I’m concerned with all of my characters. I just kind of lose myself and become them. I don’t know how I do that.

Paul Lynch

With Grayson Perry’s stuff and Matt Haig writing about mental illness, it’s all happening.

Peep Show star Robert Webb on exploring masculinit­y in his memoir, How Not To Be A Boy

I used to sit in my granny’s every Sunday night watching Glenroe, going, ‘What the fuck’s going on down there?’ Enniskille­n-born author Ciaran McMenamin

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