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My armchair diagnosis would be that he is in the first stages of some kind of dementia.

Aimee Mann on Donald Trump

Did I fear for my life? I wouldn’t go that far. But did I fear for my safety and that of my staff? Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt.

Labour’s Alan Kelly

I don’t fundamenta­lly get the concept of a lapdance. I’ve never had one, by the way – and I never would! I just don’t get it. I think men look like awful eejits sitting there.

Stephen Donnelly

The result is that you get a very phony celebrity culture, where people who are vulnerable are offered a diet of endless voyeurism.

President Michael D Higgins

Somebody threatened to strangle one of our team when they were putting up posters. The Abortion Rights Campaign’s Angela Coraccio

In the six years since the Abortion Rights Campaign was establishe­d, we have seen a massive change in the climate around reproducti­ve rights in Ireland – a subject that was more often than not seen as a topic unfit for polite conversati­on. Writer, scientist and activist Naomi Elster

Leo’s main focus is self-promotion.

Alan Shatter

Students have never been so political.

USI president Michael Kerrigan

I don’t bear any hostility whatsoever towards Vincent Browne. And I regretted that the row had to be with him.

SIPTU’s Jack O’Connor

You don’t see people on marijuana out of their minds, kicking the crap out of somebody else, whereas you do see that with alcohol.

Sinn Féin MEP Liadh Ní Riada

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