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Mike McCormack



Hero That lady of 2017? on the bike who gave the Trump motorcade the finger – she didn’t have to think about it, what a hero!

Villain of 2017?

Dean Rock – put paid to Mayo’s All Ireland dream.

Best Personal Moment?

Watching my little lad learn to swim with his water wings on... so cool.

Best Movie?

Blade Runner 2049.

Best Record? I am a year out with this, but I only listened to it this week – Alcest’s

Kodama. Good to see Neige back on form.

Best TV Programme?

Nobel – a Scandinavi­an series about a soldier who returns home from peacekeepi­ng duties, only to find himself caught up in political and corporate badness – great stuff.

Best Book - Best work of fiction was Tim Parks’s In Extremis. On the non-fiction front it was was Mark O’Connell’ To Be A Machine. Both brilliantl­y written and both in their different ways shedding light on the human condition. Best thing about the year?

Having a family holiday for the first time in years.

Your hope for next year?

Same hope as every year – Mayo for Sam.

What tickled your funnybone? The moaning and whining and crying which followed Ireland’s failed bid for the Rugby World Cup… Jaysus…

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