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Niamh Farrell



Hero of 2017? All of the people who spoke out about the mental or sexual abuse they have had to deal with. It’s astounding how it’s only all coming out now, but hopefully this is the beginning of big changes all over the world!

Villain of 2017? Where do I start… There’s so many, but I’ll go with the most recent one that’s in my mind – and that’s Morrissey. Fuck him for his remarks about the victims of Weinstein and Spacey. He’s a disgrace.

Best personal moment? Can I have two? Spending the day at the President’s house with my son Oscar and doing a gig with Hamsandwic­H out there. Unforgetta­ble day all round! And singing ‘Highway To Hell’ at the Turning Vampire gig in Vicar St. dressed as Liza Minnelli. Best. Halloween. Ever.

Best movie?

Dunkirk was fantastic. Such a terrific experience in the cinema, visually and sonically!

Best record? Kendrick Lamar – DAMN. What an album.

Best TV programme? The return of Curb Your Enthusiasm was rather wonderful.

Best book? The Gospel According To Blindboy. One of the most intelligen­t and interestin­g minds of our generation. Go listen to his podcast if you haven’t yet!

Best thing about the year? Karma kicking the asses of all the slimy, predatory, power hungry people. Long may it continue.

Your hope for next year? Donald Trump getting impeached. That’d be sweet.

What tickled your funnybone?

Big Mouth on Netflix. A cartoon about going through puberty that is

horrendous­ly honest and hilarious. Go watch it immediatel­y.

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