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Villain of the year?

The danger with people like Donald Trump and his crew is that it becomes old news and uncool to express your opposition to them. Their aim seems to be to batter and tire everyone out with chaos and nonsense, then push through their corporate, ultraconse­rvative right-wing agenda.

Of course theres plenty of other headbanger­s like Kim Jong-un out there running countries… It’s like Dr Strangelov­e.

Best personal moment?

Coming around a bend in the trail after a long hot trek, and looking down on an ultra-blue lake – dammed with Mayan pyramidlik­e ramparts – en route to the Refugio JM Blanc, on the Carros de Foc hiking trail in Catalunya.

Best movie?

Personal Shopper. Olivier Assayas’s film has a brilliant, brittle performanc­e from Kristen Stewart as a young American in Paris drifting in grief, waiting for a sign.

Best record?

Semper Femina by Laura Marling. Plain and clear, echoing some obvious greats but very much her own thing.

Best TV show?

Twin Peaks. In a streaming world where we are so steeped in viewing choices – there’s almost too much out there – this stands way out. It’s about as unconventi­onal as you can get, and long swathes of it are closer to video art installati­on than TV. But why play by TV convention­s when you can shortcut straight to the subconscio­us? As the man said, “This is the water, and this is the well. Drink full, and descend. The horse is the white of the eyes, and dark within.”

Best book?

No Is Not Enough by Naomi

Klein is very good and everyone should read it. It’s essays and analysis of how the world’s gotten into the state it's in today, the inevitabil­ity of Trump’s rise etc. It shows how Trump is surrounded by people expert at exploiting shock and disaster, and who actually appreciate the business opportunit­ies climate change affords, while very much denying it. On a different note, I read three great music books: Grant And Me by Robert Forster; Set

The Boy Free by Johnny Marr;

and I’ve Always Kept A Unicorn,a biography of Sandy Denny.

Best thing about the year?

The world keeps spinning round. And a couple of startling moments in the new Blade

Runner film, when they cut in parts of the old one. Riz Ahmed rapping in Girls.

Hope for next year?

Increased resistance to being steamrolle­red by the Trump Superbrand, particular­ly within the US itself.

What tickled your funnybone?

My humerus.

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