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OLAF’S REVIEW OF U2’s LATEST I wonder how many who are calling it shit have actually listened to it. David Finnegan via Facebook

I always hope for U2 to make a great album. This is very bland. Lyrics not particular­ly deep, and it all has a tinny sound, not helped by Bono’s much weaker voice. That review was a huge stretch. Barry Keane

Brillo pad album. Class tracks. I personally love it. Ulla Beare

THAT GALLAGHER FELLA AGAIN Why is it that Noel Gallagher needs to insult every other musician almost on a daily basis? Brian Wilson wrote some of the most memorable and iconic tracks of the ’60s, not to mention the groundbrea­king Pet Sounds. Stick to your own music Noel and keep your loud mouth shut, it only shows your ignorance. Shane Butler via Facebook Calls Corbyn a communist? Corbyn just looks communist because the traditiona­l left moved further to the right. He should start watching the news again, maybe. JD McCormack

DANIEL DAY LEWIS AND DEPRESSION Eveybody seems to be commercial­ly using the word depression. I read the article and he speaks about being unhappy at work. His work takes a lot out of him because he is a perfection­ist.. if we commercial­ise depression, the people who really need help won’t get it… Please note I am opening a debate not criticisin­g.. I just believe that depression should not be a hook or a buzz-word to attract readers or get attention! Depression is a real problem and not only artists and actors are affected! Jason Hickey via Facebook

I, for one, will be sad not to see him on the big screen. He is a fabulous actor and seems to have suffered perhaps as a result of his craft. He has always been somewhat of a recluse, shying away from the public eye only to come out of hiding if the right script came his way. I fell in love with him (or perhaps each character) he portrayed. From My Left Foot to In The Name Of The

Father to Gangs Of New York etc, he always took you on a journey, as he put himself 150% into each role. I hope he finds solace and happiness in whatever he turns his hand to next. Cheers Daniel from your loyal fans. Angela Gallagher

There is a difference between depression (hopelessne­ss) and what most great artists suffer from, ‘existentia­lism’. The mind searches for a way to kill the ego, essentiall­y attacking its own identity. It’s hell – but through it you can make some truly great art. Darren Dunne


She is a fine actress but those same American writers who think we say top of the morning to you took charge. Not funny. John Manning via Facebook

ROBERT PLANT AT THE BORD GAIS ENERGY THEATRE Excellent band. ‘Whole Lotta Love’ at the end topped it. Ian McPartland via Facebook


The Pale had a following back in my home town of Pretoria in South Africa. A friend who owned a club got a copy of Here’s One We Made Earlier on a trip to the UK and played ‘Dogs With No Tails’ frequently. I love every song on that album. They should have been massive...

Anne Sexton via Facebook

 ??  ?? Those four: U2
Those four: U2
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 ??  ?? Daniel Day Lewis: recently opened up about depression
Daniel Day Lewis: recently opened up about depression

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