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Really enjoyed the SNL/Saoirse Ronan until the Aer Lingus sketch. Nothing like an old “oh to be oh to be sure aren’t we all leprechaun­s” to make you not laugh.


Total overreacti­on to Saoirse Ronan SNL sketch – get over it for Christ’s sake!!


People baffled and aghast at how bad the Saoirse Ronan SNL sketch is… welcome to my experience of every SNL sketch, ever.


WHAT? ON? GOD'S? EARTH? Was that Saoirse Ronan SNL yoke? Was it meant to be... *funny*...?


Crying with laughter at last night's #SNL and Saoirse Ronan was a fantastic host. It was a much needed break from the Great American Dumpster Fire of 2017.


Saoirse Ronan and the women of 'SNL' welcome you "to Hell" with anti-sexual harassment music video


Welcome to Hell sketch was excellent in fairness.


If British papers claim Saoirse Ronan again, can we let them keep her after that #SNL sketch about.

 ??  ?? Aer we go: Saoirse Ronan on 50.
Aer we go: Saoirse Ronan on 50.

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